How To Use XL Candy In Pokemon Go?

Bored by using regular candies in Pokemon Go? Now you need to raise the level of your candy in the game. For this, you need to add XL Candy to your inventory.

After getting XL Candy, most of the players have no idea how to use them in the game. For this, be ready for how to use XL Candy in Pokemon Go.

If you have already used Regular Candies, then you won’t have any problem using XL Candy in Pokemon Go. Because XL Candy can be used the same as the regular candies used in the game.

On which level you can use these candies? If you desire, whole details on XL Candy can be found in the article.

How To Use XL Candy In Pokemon Go?

Before moving on to how you can use XL Candy in Pokemon Go, let’s first discuss how to obtain them. The prerequisite is that you must be at level 31 in the game in order to get these candies. The ways listed below are where you can acquire XL Candy:

  • By catching an Unevolved Pokemon
  • By Hatching Eggs
  • By Walking With Your Buddy Pokemon
  • By Catching A Pokemon That Is Evolved, Legendary Or Mythical
  • By Transferring A Pokemon To Professor Willow
  • By Catching A Raid Boss
  • By Trading Your Pokemon
  • By Converting Your Regular Candy To XL Candy

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When you collected candies to ascend your Pokemon past level 40, you can feed them to do so. The process and the use of the XL Candy are the same as the regular candy, the only difference is with the level where they can use it. 

The same procedure applies when using Regular Candy and XL Candy. To get going, choose Power Up. Stardust, regular candy, and 296 pieces of XL candy are required for each non-shadow Pokemon if players want to use XL Candy to level up quickly. Just Stardust and 296 XL Candy are required to raise Pokemon from level 40 to 50.

What Are The Types Of XL Candy?

We have two types of XL Candy in Pokemon Go:

  • XL Candy: These candies are unique to each species of Pokemon and can only be consumed by them.
  • XL Rare Candy: These XL Candy are rainbow-colored, and the kind they take on will depend on the Pokemon that consumes them.

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You don’t have to follow any special procedure for using these XL Candy, you can use them as same as you use your regular candy in Pokemon Go. Before using them, firstly you need to focus on obtaining them.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Pokemon go, how can you obtain rare XL candies?

The only way to level up from level 41 to level 50 in order to get the rare XL candies. Pokemon Go provides users with 2 extra rare candy XL when they reach Level 45 or Level 50.

How much is a Pokemon Go XL Candy worth?

Each player will receive one XL Candy for the price of 100 normal candy. Unless players have an overwhelming amount of normal candy in their inventory because candy is still required for leveling up and progressing.

Can Candy be transformed from XL to regular?

Each distinct Pokemon species has its own XL Candy. 100 ordinary candies can be changed into XL candies. Additionally, you can gather XL Rare Candy, which functions similarly to the Rare Candy but only affects Pokemon with levels higher than 40.

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