How to Write a Stunning Admission Essay

Writing an admission essay is probably the most nerve-wracking and complicated assignment there is. Still, young people have to go through it to get into the schools they want to go to. Fortunately, thousands of students have completed similar essays. So, there are plenty of tips on what to do and not to do with your admission essays. Let’s see some tips on how to write a stunning admission essay on the first try. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Start early

The best strategy for writing a memorable admission essay is to start early. Indeed, you will do yourself a massive favor by not procrastinating on this task. Students need a lot of time finding their preferred pitch, developing their writing voice, and finding the best arguments supporting their ideas. It’s not an easy process, and you also shouldn’t rush. On the other hand, it can’t look forced, either. A reader can always sense a lack of dedication, time, or even confidence in a paper.

Also, an admissions board has an eye for postponed, rushed papers. These people have years of experience reading such papers. They receive hundreds of essays each year. If you didn’t have enough time to write the paper properly, the admissions board doesn’t have time or desire to finish such a piece either. So, break down your writing plan into a few stages, giving plenty of time for each. Or, for the very least, have a chosen speedypaper writer to help you when you are on your last breath. A professional writer can be a good plan B option in such a case. 

Make several drafts

Chances are, this is your first admission essay. So, you lack knowledge and experience in writing such a piece. It’s totally fine, as most students also try writing such a paper on the first try. However, you do need to practice before committing to any idea. So, start by making several drafts of similar and different ideas. See what works best and why. Highlight the areas you find the strongest and keep them in your future works. 

Overall, you need to follow at least two (preferably) more strategies before finalizing a single one of them. For instance, admission essays have different pitches at their cores. Some students focus on their background or family history, while others focus on themselves, their ambitions, and their achievements. There are plenty of options to choose from, but you better explore most of them before starting the final draft. 

Follow tradition structure

First of all, an admission essay should have a clear three-part structure, with an introduction, main body, and conclusion. Thus, you should outline the main idea of your paper in the first paragraph. Mention your purpose of writing, craft a thesis statement, and make a smooth transition to the main body. 

Next, each paragraph in the essay’s body should have the traditional structure, too. Thus, you should start with the paragraph’s main idea, followed by a few explanatory sentences, evidence/data, a conclusion, and a transitional sentence. Each sentence should have meaning, leaving no space for filler/empty sentences. Remember, an admission essay is not a long paper, so each line counts. 

Finally, draw a nice conclusion to your main message in the end. Recall your main arguments. Connect them to your thesis statement. End strong, as these last sentences are all people will remember after an essay. Though, the good thing – your paper was good enough for the admissions board to read till the end. Not every applicant gets that.  

Have a powerful introduction 

You want to hook readers’ attention right from the start. To do so, you need a hook. The writing technique helps build a strong, intriguing, and promising introduction. A hook can be anything from an anecdote or quotation to a personal story or general facts. Essay hooks should represent the general essay tone and captivate readers’ interest, promising them more of what you’ve already given them. Since it’s an admission essay, a personal fact, anecdote, or question will be a nice start and will lure readers in, making them follow your story till the end. 

Keep it personal 

An admissions board must go through dozens, if not hundreds, of papers daily. It means that their attention span, along with their memory, is quite short. They won’t remember you unless you make sure of that yourself. So, don’t repeat overused phrases or cliches or follow boring writing tricks. Instead, try to show who you are with those several paragraphs you are given. Work on your writing voice. Be sincere and true to yourself. Add your personality to the paper. 

Unlike most academic papers, an admission essay only benefits from being personal. Of course, some young people may struggle with such a concept. After all, schools teach young people to avoid being biased or emotional in their work. Well, this time, it’s quite the opposite. You want whoever reads your essay to feel like they know you. This way, an admissions board can imagine what a good fit for the school you can be. 

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