Inspiron 15 5510 Review By Experts

Inspiron 15 5510 Review: Dell Inspiron 15, 5510 15 inches Inspiron 15, 5000 Series laptop launched in Europe, USA, and the UK on October 20, 2121. This laptop is optimized for smooth, fast performance to keep you connected. This laptop is great for productivity. This laptop features the Inter 11th Generation Core i3/i5/i7 CPU at 3200 MHz speed with support for up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM and M.2 2230 SSD storage.

The laptop is a combination of fast and supportive computing components. You can also customize the AMD processor AMD Ryzen5 5500U 6-core/12thread mobile processor with Radeon Graphics or AMD Ryzen7 55700U 8 core/16thread mobile processing with Radeon Graphics. The AMD processor is included in the Inspiron 5515 model. The Inspiron 5510 starts from $600

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What’s in it for you?

Inspiron 15 5510 Review: Dell Inspiron15 Overview

Dell is known for its commitment to durability and sustainability. This is evident in Dell inspiration 15. This laptop is made from aluminum and other sustainable materials.

The Inspiration 15 is also available in Platinum Silver color variants. Because they are lightweight, they look great and can be easily transported. This laptop is lightweight. The laptop is 1.6 Kg in weight.

The device’s aluminum chassis and lid make it feel solid and sturdy. This laptop’s screen panel is lifted by the hinge. It is not possible to open the screen with one hand, which is disappointing.

The packaging materials for this laptop are made from 100% recycled paper. Accessories are also recyclable at 90%. The laptop is made of recyclable materials that are not harmful to the environment.

Inspiration 15’s trackpad and keypad are simple and excellent for typing. Essential travel is excellent, and typing is easy and pleasant. This laptop has excellent air circulation thanks to the placement of vents. High airflow means that there is no heating issue.

Dual-arrey microphones are featured on the HD (1280×720 @30Fps HD camera). Dual-arrey microphones make it crystal clear to hear your voice.

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Dell Inspiron 155510 LCD Display

The Dell laptop has a 15.60-inch HD display with 1920×1080 pixels resolution. It does not support touch. The screen-to-body ratio of this device is 16:9. This is the standard format for Dell’s Laptops. The perfect viewing angle is achieved by this laptop.

Excellent color reproduction and color saturation are both excellent features of the display. The display can be adjusted to adjust its brightness and color temperature according to your requirements. The narrow bezels of the laptop allow for maximum screen space which is great for productivity.

Dell Inspiron 15 Processor and Performance

Inspiron 15 is powered by the 11th Generation Intel Core i5-11300H processor. It runs at 4.4 GHz / i7-11370H Processor. It integrates with Intel Iris Xe graphics, which has shared graphic memory to the Intel Core i5-11300H model as well as NVIDIA GeForce2GB graphics card to support Intel Core i7-11370H.

This allows you to render your editing table more quickly and smoothly. Thanks to the laptop’s low fan noise, you can complete your work with no interruptions. The dedicated graphics card on this laptop is capable of multitasking, heavy gaming, and 4K video editing.

Dell Inspiron 15 Connect

There are many I/O ports on the laptop. There are 4 USB ports (Type A), USB3.2Gen 2 (Type B), Thunderbolt 4 (4 (3 (Type C), HDMI), MultiSlot, and Mic Combo Jack ports. If you need more, an external connector can be plugged in.

Dell Inspiron 15 Ram & Storage

Inspiron 15 includes 512GB M.2PCIe SSD (SSD), to provide users with faster and more stable performance. 8GB DDR4 RAM was used to speed up the processor at 3200 MHz. The device has a 2x4GB RAM slot, and you can increase the storage capacity.

Dell Inspiron15 Operating Systems

It runs Windows 10 right out of the box, laptop. It will however be upgraded to Windows 11 when Microsoft releases Windows 11 stable later in the year. It also met all the Windows 11 System requirements. The TPM 2.0 chip is already installed on this laptop. Don’t be alarmed by any Windows 11 updates.

Dell Inspiron 15 Price

The Inspiron 15 (5510) is priced at Rs. This Inspiron 15 (5510) starts at Rs. You can choose the option that best suits your budget and needs. You can purchase it from Amazon.


The device’s build quality, processor, and display make it an outstanding performer. For students, staff and officials, the Dell Inspiron15 5510 is ideal. It can be used for daily tasks. You can use this device for a long time.

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