Is 100footwear Scam Or Legit? Find Out Now!

It is said that a person is identified by his shoes. Of course shoes! Not only boys but also girls are crazy about it. Oh no, we are not talking about heels here. 

Here we are talking about casual, daily wear, and sportswear, and for those shoe lovers, a website named 100footwear has been launched.

Where you will get to see only shoes and that too with a good collection. But, what if this website is safe or not? Is 100footwear safe or legit? We find that this website is legit but still a scam. Confused? So, let’s dive into today’s guide!

What Is 100footwear?

For example, you may have some favorite websites, for clothes, home decor, children’s kinds of stuff, food, and so on.

Similarly, you will also have a special website or platform for one of your shoes. Now maybe the time has come that you should give this latest shoe website also a chance. 

This website specializes in shoes. Here you will find boots, clogs, nurse shoes, sandals, loafers, sneakers, summer footwear, winter footwear, and men’s shoes. 

Some people also commented bad things about this website and some of the people also disliked the layout as well as the design of the 100footwear. 

Is 100footwear Scam Or Legit?

As a result of our research, we find that 100footwear is legit. But we found that there is more variety on the site but the stuff is not much as it should be.

From this, we come to know that this is a growing website, and it is probably doing very well because of the discounts that run from time to time. 

But after this, for the sake of user experience, we will also call it a scam, but why:

  1. Some people got another product instead of the ordered product. 
  2. People are not satisfied with the product quality, and many believe that they have received a used or recycled product. 
  3. According to the analysis of, this website was created on June 13, which shows that the site is legit but reaching this growth so quickly only means that it’s also a scam.
  4. And up to 50% discount is available on its maximum products which never happens on a legitimate site and is also a sign of a scam.


We truly expect that you find this article useful as well as educational and you were able to understand- Is 100footwear scam or legit? We find that this shoe website is legit but due to its bad user experience, we concluded that this site is still a scam. 

There are also some reasons which make this site look bad and illegal. So, what is your opinion on 100footwear, let us know in the comments. Till then, happy reading!

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