Is Amnesia Multiplayer? The Dark Descent

The majority of gamers enjoy playing survival horror games with their friends, either against them or in a team as these games create a thrilling horror environment. The same goes with the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which is an exciting, adventurous, survival, horror game, but still left with this question, “Is Amnesia multiplier”?

Not only horror movies, but horror games are also quite popular and the mixture of survival and adventure in horror games makes these much more popular and in high demand. Since, the time of its release, this game is single-player only and everyone wants this to be multiplayer so that they can enjoy the game online with friends. Let’s find out if this game is multiplayer or not.

The disappointing news is that Amnesia still does not support multiplayer mode. This game has not yet given you the pleasure of playing with your friends. 

If you want to know about its multiplayer mode in-depth, and still you have some doubts related to this game, then read the entire article which covered almost everything about Amnesia.

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Is Amnesia Multiplayer? The Dark Descent

If you want to play a game that lets you enjoy a horror experience and solve puzzles, then Amnesia: The Dark Descent is specially made for you. This game released in 2010, has been played with the same excitement till then and players still like this game as much as they used to do before.

The game follows a protagonist named Daniel as he explores Brennenburg, a dark and ominous castle while attempting to keep his sanity by avoiding creatures and disturbing happenings and by avoiding dangers and the need to solve puzzles.

The best part of this game is that the game attempts to immerse you by using a fully physical reproduced world, cutting-edge 3D graphics, and a dynamic sound system. 

Once the game begging, you will be in command of completing control from start to finish. There are no cutscenes or jump-scenes; everything happens to you directly. 

The genre of Amnesia involves adventure, survival horror, as well as fictional games, and at the top, it is like solving-puzzle, which adds value to its gameplay.

After learning all of this, any player would wish that this game was multiplayer or cooperative. And, after knowing everything about this game, it comes as a disappointment to you that this game does not support multiplayer mode. The gamers had very expectations that this game is multiplayer, but sorry this game is single-player only. So, you can not be able to play this game with your friends.

As a result, we are left with just one hope. The hope is that the Amnesia developers will look into the subject, consider the audience’s needs, and soon add the feature of multiplayer in the game. 

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Is There Any Chance Of Amnesia Being Multiplayer?

Well!! To be honest, I think the chance of adding a multiplayer mode to this game is 10% or even 0. Because, from its release from 2010 to 2022, it’s been 12 years and from 12 years the developers are not even thinking about multiplayer mode for this game, as 12 years is a long time. So, according to my point of view, multiplayer mode probably will never come for this game, so continue playing this game in single-player mode. 

Still with little hope, just wait for its new update or new announcement by its developers.


As you get to know that multiplayer mode is not available for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. You simply have to enjoy its single-player mode, which is not that bad actually. Yeah! Sometimes it’s okay to play online games alone without any external disturbance. You may just keep a track of your own progress as well as that of your friend differently to determine who is better at this game. 

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