Is Arma Reforger Crossplay?

If you are planning an authentic combat with your friends, then there is no better game than Arma Reforger. But, wait a minute, you need to first know if Arma Reforger is crossplay because you and all your friends definitely don’t own the same kind of gaming console, right?

When we talk about tactical military shooter video games, that too from First Person perspective, we cannot skip the ArmA series developed by the Czech studio and the latest installment in this series is Arma Reforger which has been installed for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Microsoft Windows. 

The best part is that Arma Reforger is crossplay, thus, the PC players and the Xbox X/S players will be able to play this amazing tactical FPS game with each other at the same time. 

We know that there are many other things you need to know about Arma Reforger and its crossplay feature, so, just keep reading and get all your answers straightaway. 

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Is Arma Reforger Crossplay?

Since Operation Flashpoint originally thrust us into Cold War-era conflict, times have changed. The technology we use to play the games has improved along with the weapons and vehicles featured in the Arma series. Arma Reforger, the most recent release, arrives at a time when cross-platform play is anticipated in new titles.

To clarify if you can team up with your buddies on other platforms or if you’ll be doing it alone like some sort of legendary Arma Rambo, we’ve put up this Arma Reforger crossplay guide.

Crossplay between PC and Xbox Series X|S platforms will be available in Arma Reforger. Bohemia Interactive, the games creator, has verified the cross-platform features; however, they are still under development and will be released in the near future.

So although it’s now impossible to replicate genuine combat with players on different platforms, it won’t be long until keyboard warriors and controller users start debating the best way to control the Apache chopper.

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Bohemia Interactive shocked everyone by releasing the most recent Arma Reforger update, which confirms their earlier claims of including crossplay. Xbox users can now collaborate with their buddies on PC, improving the player base as a whole. This patch, with version number, fixes some problems with multiplayer, modding, and games.

The Multiplayer section has addressed yet another Desync problem, which would have resulted in a catastrophic game collapse. The amount of other crash issues that have been fixed is staggering. Additional network optimizations have also been carried out. Fewer problems will be encountered by the modding community as they exercise their inventiveness.

Recently, this fix was included in the PC version as well. The Crossplay feature was added to the game. The dedicated server configuration has also been added by the developers with the help of which the PC or Xbox + PC crossplay platform can be easily set up. 

Various crossplay filters for server browsers have also been added and the developers also made things better by introducing a warning to the loading screen that will always be displayed on the screen whenever the player joins a crossplay server. The player list will also be shown in a column along with the platform icon. 

There were several issues like the missing open trunk user action on the Ural Truck or susceptibility to crashing while exiting ladders, sometimes the AI would get stuck while the players would exit the ladder after climbing, and on throwing a grenade, the game would crash if the throw is canceled, well, all such issues have been fixed in the game making the experience far better for the gamers. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you have got the required information about the crossplay feature in Arma Reforger as well as the related info that you needed. You can now freely jump into the crossplay mode with your friends no matter if they are using a PC or an Xbox, and if there is anything else about the game that is troubling you or that you need to know, you can share it with us in the comments.

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