Is Astroneer Split Screen?

Astroneer is an adventure sandbox game created by an indie game developer System Era Softworks. The game was made available for early access in December before its full-fledged release on December 16, 2019. The player has to take on the task of building structures, colonizing planets and acquiring resources.

Astroneer is a sandbox-based adventure game played in third-person perspective. The planets that are open to the world that allow terraforming to take place and subject to procedural generation with the exception of certain particular resources for planets. The player is the character of an astronaut (called the astroneer) who moves on foot, via an rover, via teleportation or via spacecraft.

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It’s an outstanding single-player experience and an excellent multiplayer game in one. Astroneer shows you what it’s like to play a thrilling and exciting game that you’ll be glued over for hours.

Astroneer Split Screen

Multiplayer co-op features are available within Astroneer with up to 4 players who are using similar platforms: PS4 and PS4, Steam with Steam, Switch with Switch. There’s no other option to cross-play with co-op other than those available in the Windows Store and Xbox versions.

There’s also only cross-play that works for both the Windows Store and Xbox versions of Astroneer. Other versions aren’t cross-play compatible. There can be only four players playing in a game that is multiplayer.

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The menu for the game has the option of an option for co-op play, however the buttons are not available at present. As long as the developers don’t allow the search for servers, there’s only one option for players to enjoy Astroneer in multiplayer mode. You have to invite players on your friends list. This is applicable to both platforms.

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