Is Cult Of The Lamb Multiplayer In 2022?

Action, adventure, fights, construction, management, simulation, such a game with multiple genres, but is Cult of the Lamb multiplayer itself? Let us see what this recently released game offers its players and if you can have fun playing it with your squad.

You might have checked out the cultists in Fallout 76, but this time, we are with a way different video game where the main character is a lamb that has to form a cult so as to appease a deity who saved your character’s life. This is going to be really interesting, which means that you would probably prefer playing it with your friends to double the fun, right? 

Unfortunately, the game Cult of the Lamb is not multiplayer. Thus, you can only enjoy playing this game alone, you can neither play against nor alongside your friends in co-op mode in this game. 

Keep reading if you wish to know more about the game Cult of the Lamb and its multiplayer feature possibilities. 

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Is Cult Of The Lamb Multiplayer?

Believe it or not, simulation games are best enjoyed when you come with a group of players altogether and play it. 

Cult of the Lamb is a roguelike, indie game. Here, you will find action, fighting, and adventure too. Being a simulation game, there will be construction and management as well. 

In Cult of the Lamb, players are tasked with creating a cult in honor of a sinister outsider who spares a lamb from oblivion. 

The main character of Cult of the Lamb is a possessed lamb who is charged with creating a cult to please the sinister deity who spared his life. To defeat opponents and expand their following, the player must embark on roguelike-style crusades and travel to each of the game’s five regions.

Here is a list of platforms that support the gameplay of Cult of The Lamb, which means you can play the game on these devices:

1. PlayStation 4

2. PlayStation 5

3. Xbox One

4. Xbox Series X

5. Xbox Series S

6. Mac OS

7. Nintendo Switch

For the players that had been waiting for this game long since, there are no multiplayer or cooperative modes for Cult of the Lamb, despite the game receiving a lot of attention and the Twitch integration undoubtedly fostering a sense of community. 

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Although the creators have toyed with the concept of turning it into a multiplayer or co-op game, for the time being, gamers will have to be happy with the single-player game at launch.

Since the team hasn’t worked on an online feature previously, it’s likely that if a multiplayer option is ever added to the game, it will begin with a local co-op mode rather than an online co-op mode.

Wrap Up

We hope that the information you were looking for regarding the multiplayer option in Cult of the Lamb has been delivered to you. Don’t worry about the unavailability of this feature, enjoy playing the single-player mode of the game till the developers don’t add the multiplayer mode too. If there is any other game about which you would like to know more, tell us in the comments so that we bring the right information to your fingertips.

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