Is Dragon Age Inquisition Crossplay?

Is Dragon Age Inquisition Crossplay?

A highly popular game of 2014, Dragon Age Inquisition, has received positive reviews by the public, but many people are still unsure whether this game supports Cross-Play or not.

“Does Dragon Age Inquisition support Cross-Play”? “What platforms support this game”? “What is the list of Platforms which support cross-play for this game”?

In this article, we’ll go over everything about this game’s cross-platform capabilities and answer all your questions. So, keep reading the full article.

Dragon Age Inquisition: Introduction

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a 2014 action-role playing video game published by Electronic Arts and developed by Bioware. This game is the sequel to Dragon Age II, which is a part of the Dragon Age Series. It’s both a single-player and multiplayer game.

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In November 2014, the game was released globally for Windows, PlayStation3, PlayStation4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.  It was one of Bioware’s most successful games to date.

Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay

Its gameplay is similar to those of its forerunners. Its storyline follows the inquisitor, a player character, on a quest to put an end to civil strife on Theda’s continent and plug a mysterious hole in the sky known as the “Breach”, which is releasing terrifying demons into the world.

Dragon Age Inquisition Crossplay and Cross-Platform

You’re out of luck because this game doesn’t support cross-platform play. 

Cross-Play: Users from various platforms and devices can play together regardless of the platform they are using, as long as the game they want to play supports cross-play features.

It implies if you are playing the game on PlayStation, you won’t be able to join online and play with your friends who’re playing it on Xbox, PC, or any other supported Platform.

Platforms that Don’t Support Crossplay in Dragon Age Inquisition:

  • PC & PS3/4
  • PC & Xbox One
  • PS3/4 & Xbox 360
  • PS3/4 & Xbox One
  • PC & Xbox 360

When will Dragon Age Inquisition become cross-platform?

There have been no updates to make this game cross-platform yet. Maybe a lot of people don’t like it, but this game will not be cross-platform, in my opinion. 


Dragon Age Inquisition game receives many positive reviews from the people but the game was panned for its filler content, technological flaws, tactical viewpoint, and narrative elements. And you must also be aware that this is not a cross-platform game. After knowing all this it becomes a possibility that a large number of people might not try this game.

Because this is a movie-based game with an excellent storyline, I believe you should play it at least once, and you will enjoy it.

When it comes to the cross-play: There is no cross-play mode in this game. We will have to wait for it to become cross-play.  

Stay tuned for more updates!

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