Is The Dropout’s Mark Roessler a Real Theranos Employee?

The Dropout chronicles the story that follows Elizabeth Holmes and her healthcare start-up company Theranos. A promising business to innovate technology in blood testing, Theranos attracts plenty of funding and assistance early on. Yet, Holmes’ company resorts to fraud and has an unsavory environment within its offices.

Director of the lab Mark Roessler keeps working under the direction of company executives until he is finally forced to break free and opts to become an unnamed whistleblower. It’s natural for viewers to be curious about whether the character’s character is based on the real-life person. In this case, here’s the information we’ve gathered about the subject!

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Is Mark Roessler Based a Real Theranos Employee?

Mark Roessler is introduced in the fifth episode of the show ‘The Dropout. Kevin Sussman plays the role of the actor. Portrays the character in the role of Roessler in the show. Sussman is most likely most well-known for his character as Stuart Bloom in the hit sitcom ‘ The Big Bang Theory.

Kevin Sussman’s Roessler plays an essential aspect of the plot in the show’s ‘The Dropout.’ He is a Lab director in Theranos. He is superior to Tyler Shultz and Erika Cheung. When the two try to express their concern about Theranos’ methods for conducting blood tests and manipulating data Roessler can dissuade the duo from making a major issue.

But, later, Roessler contacts Richard Fuisz and informs him about the abuses that have occurred at Theranos. He then becomes an anonymous source for reporter John Carreyrou who has begun his investigation into Theranos and its activities.

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While the show producers haven’t confirmed if Roessler is inspired by a real or not, it is clear that the person appears to be influenced by the former director of Theranos’ lab Adam Rosendorff. The fictional character has an esthetic resemblance to Rosendorff.

He was born in South Africa and moved to the United States in 1993. He attended the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and graduated with a medical degree. He was hired by Theranos in 2013 but resigned from Theranos in 2014. Rosendorff claimed that he spoke to an editor at The Wall Street Journal (which published articles on Theranos’ fraud) in 2015.

But, his role as the anonymous source was disclosed after he was compelled in court to be a witness in the lawsuit filed against Elizabeth Holmes.

According to the testimony of Rosendorff, He was the one who witnessed the deficiency of the technology and claimed it was Holmes who knew about the device’s failure. Holmes knew of Theranos’ failures in producing reliable results from tests. Rosendorff also expressed his displeasure over Theranos’ methods in an email sent to Holmes.

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Rosendorff currently works as a Medical and Laboratory Director at PerkinElmer Inc. He is among the most famous witnesses from Elizabeth Holmes’ trial.

The story of Rosendorff is a bit like the story of fictional characters Mark Roessler in ‘The Dropout‘. The team behind the show’s creation likely decided not to use Rosendorff’s name to give them more creative flexibility in creating the story based on real incidents. For instance, scenes of Roessler advocating Theranos and their working in a secret workplace seem to be fictional. So, it’s likely that Roessler is not entirely based on Rosendorff.

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