Is Dying Light 2 Cross Platform?

With the development of so many gaming consoles from different companies, the importance of crossplay features is increasing day by day. So, before we get a game that we are planning to play with our friends, it is necessary that we check out if it is available on cross platforms or not, and the same goes for the game Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human was released 7 years following the first game’s release. Since that time, multiplayer games as well as co-op games have been an integral feature. With more platforms for playing games than before, the chances of players being separated in dying light 2’s tale are greater. Dying Light 2 story is greater and crossplay can assist in reducing this division.

The bad part is that Dying Light 2 is not cross platform, and with this information, the anticipation of so many players has gone in vain.

If you want to know more about Dying Light 2 and its cross platform feature, then keep reading this article.

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What is Dying Light?

Dying Light is a survival horror game that has two modes, including multiplayer and single-player. The game takes place in a vast open space with a perilous time span of night and day. Additionally, you”ll find a frightening natural foe that only is visible at sunset. In this game, players must make use of their strength to get through the sun’s first rays of light the following day.

Is Dying Light 2 Cross Platform?

There’s no cross-platform and crossplay available for Dying Light 2, so if you own an Xbox or PlayStation, it won’t allow you to play alongside players on an Xbox or PC. Although it may be, the logistics are creating something like this.

Additionally, Smektala clarifies that if you’re playing on PS5 when your friends play PS4 and PS4 it isn’t the position to play with each other. However, Techland is working to incorporate cross-generation play into the game after launch.

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After the launch, there was no evidence of this happening during the interview to fully implement crossplay. This suggests that we don’t know if Techland is investigating the subject or when it could be implemented.

Even though you won’t be able to play crossplay, you’ll be able to go through the entire story the game has to tell, but not the beginning tutorial. Begin with your friends if you’re trying to discover cities and battle the undead.

Wrap Up

We know that the unavailability of the crossplay feature in Dying Light 2 has come as a blow to your minds, but we cannot do anything about it except hope that the developers would soon consider this matter and work on bringing this feature to the game.

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