Is Empoleon Good Pokemon Go 2022?

Are you planning to evolve your Prinplup in Pokemon Go? Well, you already know that the task is quite time-consuming in the game and should only be prioritized if it’s evolved version, Empoleon is good in Pokemon Go, right? 

Out of over 730 species available in Pokemon Go, it is definitely hard to decide which one to give more priority to find it. This should entirely depend on the advantages you get with a particular Pokemon, for which you will need to know all the important details related to it so that you can conclude if the Pokemon is worth your effort or not. 

An Empoleon is definitely a good choice in Pokemon Go because its stats, though fall in the medium range, are pretty good and can be effective against a wide range of Pokemon with a maximum CP reaching 2900. So, you should definitely have this Pokemon on your team. 

Before collecting and utilizing your Prinplup candies to evolve your Prinplup into Empoleon in Pokemon Go, just have a well look around at this Pokemon in the game. 

Is Empoleon Good Pokemon Go?

You will be able to know this query’s answer properly only after you gain the required information related to the strengths as well as weaknesses of an Empoleon in Pokemon Go. Only then can you decide if you should put your efforts to get this Pokemon or if it is going to be just a waste of your time. 

First of all, an Empoleon is a Steel and Water Type Pokemon, a combination that you will not find very often in the game. 

Here are the stats of an Empoleon in Pokemon Go:

1. STA – 197

2. ATK – 210

3. DEF – 186

Below are provided the types of attacks to which Empoleon shows a lot of resistance:

1. Bug Type – 62.5% Damage

2. Dragon Type – 62.5% Damage

3. Psychic Type – 62.5% Damage

4. Normal Type – 62.5% Damage

5. Fairy Type – 62.5% Damage

6. Flying Type – 62.5% Damage

7. Rock Type – 62.5% Damage

8. Poison Type – 39.1% Damage

9. Ice Type – 39.1% Damage

10. Steel Type – 39.1% Damage

However, there are three types of Pokemon attacks that can inflict a good amount of damage on Empoleon:

1. Electric Type – 160% Damage

2. Ground Type – 160% Damage

3. Fight Type – 160% Damage

Now is the time that we take a look at the effectiveness of both offensive as well as defensive Movesets of an Empoleon in Pokemon Go. 

Offensive Movesets Of Empoleon

1. The best Water Type attack of Empoleon are Waterfall and Hydro Cannon, however, the Hydro Pump is a much weaker move than the Community Day exclusive move. 

2. Metal Claw and Flash Cannon are also two good Fairy Type counters, however, not that effective. 

3. If we talk about the combo of Metal Claw and Hydro Cannon, it will be quite suitable against the Rock Type Pokemon.

4. Blizzard is a move that is much superior to the Flash Cannon even if it is without STAB. 

5. However, if we talk about Drill Peck, which is also without STAB, it is a useless move in this case. 

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Defensive Movesets Of Empoleon

1. Metal Claw is quite effective, if you use Waterfall, it will have a double impact in defense. 

2. When it comes to damaging the attackers, we always suggest to use Hydro Cannon which works well in this case. 

3. Flash Cannon and Hydro Pump, both are strong Movesets and hare very hard to dodge, the latter one being more superior. 

4. Although Blizzard can be dodged easily, it will be helpful in case of  Dragon Type Pokemon attacks. 

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Is Empoleon Worth It In Pokemon Go?

Since the stamina, attack, defense as well as the maximum CP of an Empoleon is pretty good and fall in the medium category, a lot of Pokemon are inferior to this species in Pokemon Go, which means that having an Empoleon in Pokemon Go is not going to be of any harm to you. So, it is definitely worth it to have this variant for yourself. 

Wrap Up

We hope that now you have got the answer to whether or not you should spend your time, effort, and candies in obtaining an Empoleon in Pokemon Go. If you believe that you are in need of such a Pokemon as has been mentioned above, then go ahead and get it on your side.

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