Is Heavenly Bodies Cross Platform?

Do you like simulation games that are full of action and adventure? Then you must have heard of the indie game Heavenly Bodies where you find everything from the perspective of a gamer. But, if you also have buddies with the same interests but different gaming platforms, then you must first check whether Heavenly Bodies is cross platform. 

Make your way through an increasingly perilous range of realistically recreated galactic settings while controlling the hands and arms of a 1970s space cosmonaut. In the absence of gravity, nothing is still, secure, or straightforward. And you will get to experience all of this in the game Heavenly Bodies. 

Well, as for the cross platform feature in Heavenly Bodies, well, the game does not support any such features for now. However, you can play the game in the local co-op mode on the same screen. 

Continue to read this article if you want to attain more information regarding the cross platform and related features of the game Heavenly Bodies. 

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Is Heavenly Bodies Cross Platform?

It is really necessary for games to have cross platform features these days. The reason behind this is that there are a number of different gaming platforms out there and each gamer purchases the one that they find the most suitable for themselves. 

Now, if you and your friends want to play the same video game but own different gaming platforms, you won’t be able to play the game online if it is not crossplay. So, if you have a good squad that plays video games regularly with you, then, you must get only those games that are cross-platform or else not. 

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In the game Heavenly Bodies, you will be given a chance to visit the courageous cosmonauts hired to work on Earth’s newest and most impressive space engineering achievement by beaming up from mission control. With your own hands, assemble space telescopes, maintain delicate solar arrays, and study cosmic botany.

As it is a simulation game, a lot of gamers wonder if the game is cross-play because they will highly prefer to play such games along with their friends. And, since, such games are best enjoyed when played on the full screen, the cross platform feature will be best suited in such a case. 

However, the sad part is that Heavenly Bodies does not feature a cross platform option for its players. In fact, the game does not even support cross generation gameplay. The worse that you could get to know is that you cannot even play the game online with friends who have the same platform as yours. 

However, there is a little relief in the fact that you can play the game in the local co-op mode, which means that the game can be played with friends, but only on a single screen, provided that you have got the game from Steam

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Here is a list of platforms on which you can play the game Heavenly Bodies, either alone or in the local co-op mode. 

1. Microsoft Windows

2. Mac Operating Systems

3. PlayStation 4 

4. PlayStation 5

Wrap Up

That’s it, the game Heavenly Bodies, though is not cross platform, but it does support the local co-op mode gameplay, so, you can still play the game with your friends if they live nearby. If there is any other game that you want to know more about, you can tell us in the comments and we shall soon provide you with the relevant information regarding the same.

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