Is hood outlaws and legends crossplay?

Outlaws Hoods & Legends is an exclusive multiplayer game available on multiple platforms. But will gamers on consoles and PC can play together?

Hood: Outlaws & Legends isn’t the typical multiplayer experience. In Hood, two historical brigands with vastly different capabilities teams try to beat their human counterparts and defeat the guards controlled by computers. 

As would have been expected in a story based on Robin Hood, their primary goal is to be able to steal from the rich and distribute the wealth to the less fortunate. The world of Hood, the act of stealing is more than just cinematic tomfoolery. 

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Guards are shot on the back. exploding archers fly across the sky and one man is sporting a pretty impressive mace. When you’re facing an ensuing chaos, having a buddy or two is always a good idea however, will Outlaws & Legends allow players playing on different consoles to take on the world together through crossplay?

Created in collaboration with Sumo Digital and published by Focus Home Entertainment, Hood: Outlaws & Legends comes at the perfect moment to draw interest. Although there’s a constant flow of new games coming out on the market, not all make use of the power that comes with games on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. 

Hood: Outlaws & Legends offers unique gaming applications that work with players with the PlayStation 5 DuelSense Controller. In addition, it has an innovative gameplay mechanic that is distinctive in the multiplayer arena, and Hood has the potential of attracting a large number of players on all systems.

It’s not just Hood: Outlaws & Legends available on the latest consoles, but there’s also an edition for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and PC versions on Steam, the Epic Games Store and Steam.

Anyone looking to test Hood for themselves has plenty of options. But, in an online game of this type crossplay is highly essential. It is difficult to form a team of four players who bought the game from the same console can be difficult, which is why it’s only natural to think that Sumo Digital would bring all its online communities together into a unifying whole.

Does Hood: Outlaws & Legends Support Crossplay And Cross-Progression?

The game will not only have Hood: Outlaws & Legends feature-complete crossplay support to allow matchmaking across all platforms The game also supports cross-progression. The players who begin their lucrative career playing on Xbox will be able to switch to their PC version and keep their progress if they choose to. 

The only limitation is that the game will not have crossplay invitations when it launches, which means that players are required to form teams on the same platform. According to the FAQ regarding the game, Sumo Digital will evaluate lifting the restrictions based on players’ feedback, however, they’ve also said that it will be an immense task to start getting the feature running.

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Therefore, even though players on different platforms cannot use Hood: Outlaws & Legends in the present, at a minimum, the matchmaking pool draws from the most significant number of players, as multiplayer games are alive and die on a healthy player base. After that hurdle is over this weekend, it will be a test to determine players’ excitement to steal their way through Hood’s fantasy Europe to become one of Hood’s legendary woodsman’s merrymen.

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