Is knockout city crossplay?

Knockout City has become a massive success, drawing in over 5 million players just a few weeks after its release.

Like many other multiplayer games available on the market Knockout City’s “Dodgebrawler” by Velan Studios doesn’t focus on weapons, huge battlefields, or an impressive number of players.

Instead, it strips the chaos down to fundamentals, offering an uncomplicated team-based strategy that’s refreshing in the current competitive market.

Is knockout city crossplay?

Happily, Knockout City features robust cross-play and cross-progression features. This is what you should know before jumping into a cross-platform game.

How cross-play work in Knockout City?

By default cross-play and cross-progression is activated by default in Knockout City. So, when you start the game you’ll be able to engage with “dodgebrawlers” on different platforms.

“With Cross-progression and cross-play available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PS5 and Xbox X|S (with backward compatibility) You can fight with your friends from anywhere anytime,” Velan Studios announced. You don’t have to do to enable the feature. Start a game, and you’ll be paired with players from all consoles.

This also means inviting your friends from other platforms to join your game. After they’ve been added to your Knockout City Friends list, locate their banner, then click Invite to Group. You can also join their group in case one is available.

How do you turn off cross-play?

If you’d prefer not to play with players from another game, Knockout City gives you the ability to disable cross-play easily. What you need to do:

  • Navigate into the menu at the top.
  • Click down until Settings.
  • Go to your Social Settings tab.
  • Choose the Cross-Play option. Then choose Disabled.

We recommend keeping cross-play on because it offers a more significant number of players to go through when making matches, which will reduce the time it takes to wait. However, if you’re a console user who’d prefer not to play with a PC, Knockout City makes it simple to limit your play.

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