Is Lemnis Gate Crossplay? | How to Turn on Crossplay in Lemnis Gate?

Lemnis Gate is a strategic FPS that uses turn-based mechanics to achieve goals, and players can play cross-platform on any platform.

Lemnis Gate is a strategic time-looping FPS which uses turn-based mechanics to accomplish goals, and players are able to allow cross-play across its platforms to join forces with their friends. In the of the six Lemnis Gate game modes, players try to capture most nodes, reclaim goals, or take out opponents.

A bug was discovered at the launch of Lemnis Gate that stopped Xbox and PC players from loading into the same lobby to play against other players during public matches. The issue hasn’t been resolved, however Lemnis Gate developer Ratloop Canada is aware of the issue. The only option to cross-play at Lemnis Gate is by setting an exclusive lobby.

Players must go towards the General tab within the Settings menu to confirm that cross-play has been active. Cross-play should be enabled by default. However, if it’s off turn it on. The ability to enable cross-play lets players on different platforms play with each other and see other players in the player leaderboards. The best cross-play experience will require a setup in an exclusive lobby.

How to Cross-Play in Lemnis Gate Lobby

Make a lobby private at Lemnis Gate by entering a Join Code in the play menu. Every one of the game types available in the play menu is restricted to the available number players. 

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For instance, private lobbying can’t be made for any of the 2v2 games in the event that less than four players can join into the Join Code. Two players are able to use an Join Code and compete against one another with any one of the 1v1 games.

To play within a private lobby, players must use their Join Code, deactivate all games that don’t have any, and select to start Matchmaking. The Join Code will pair the player with the join code with each other to ensure that only friends play the game.

The code doesn’t need been established prior to creating a private lobby within Lemnis Gate. What you enter in the Join Code box is immediately active, so make sure to make an entry that cannot be randomly joined in this manner. Additionally, private lobbies count as matches that are public. 

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Players can improve their profile overall, earn rewards, or complete other objectives within the private lobby. Private lobbies can be an excellent opportunity to get a impression of the various characters, maps and their capabilities on Lemnis Gate without having to master the game on the fly.

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