Is Magnezone Good Pokemon Go 2022?

You must have heard of the Steel and Electric Type Pokemon Magnezone in the game Pokemon Go. So, are you planning to obtain this species? But wait, have you thought if it is going to be useful to you or not? So, let us first know if Magnezone is good in Pokemon Go or not, and only then decide to catch it. 

Some Pokemon are too powerful in Pokemon Go to beat, while the others do not have much importance in the game due to their vulnerable nature, this is the reason it is important to know properly about a Pokemon before you spend your precious time finding and catching it. 

A Magnezone is good in Pokemon Go because it will do great in all aspects. The Typing combination of this Pokemon is great, the stats are quite impressive, and thus, we have no choice but to give this one the remarks of an Excellent Pokemon in overall performance. 

However, you might be looking for a particular factor before deciding to catch this Pokemon, so you can go through the detailed info of a Magnezone so that you can choose to spend your time on this Pokemon. 

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Is Magnezone Good Pokemon Go?

If you ask us, we will suggest you first obtain the entire information related to a Magnezone in Pokemon Go and only then decide if this is a good choice for you or not. And here, we shall discuss all of this for your understanding. 

Firstly, a Magnezone is a Steel and Electric Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go that is quite an impressive combination in the game.

Here are the stats of a Magnezone in Pokemon Go:

1. STA – 172

2. ATK – 238

3. DEF – 205

As for the strength of a Magnezone, here is a list of all the Pokemon Types that are not able to inflict that much damage on this Pokemon. 

1. Bug Type – 62.4% Damage

2. Dragon Type – 62.4% Damage

3. Grass Type – 62.4% Damage

4. Fairy Type – 62.4% Damage

5. Electric Type – 62.4% Damage

6. Ice Type – 62.4% Damage

7. Normal Type – 62.4% Damage

8. Psychic Type – 62.4% Damage

9. Poison Type – 39.1% Damage

10. Flying Type – 39.1% Damage

Now, let us move to the weakness of a Magnezone. Well, this Pokemon is vulnerable to only three kinds of Pokemon attacks, as mentioned below. 

1. Ground Type – 256% Damage

2. Fire Type – 160% Damage

3. Fight Type – 160% Damage

Next is the time to check the effectiveness of the Movesets that a Magnezone has

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Offensive Movesets Of Magnezone

1. The most preferred offensive move of a Magnezone is “Spark” which has a much higher DPS

2. A “Charge Beam” move is capable of generating more energy, and thus, if it gets an additional Wild Charge in the short run, it will become superior to any other move, however, that is a rare case. 

3. The best charge move of a Magnezone is undoubtedly the Wild Charge which is even better than a Zap Cannon. 

4. Flash Cannon is not much preferable for a Magnezone as it is not good with the fast Electric Type moves and if we speak of Return, it is more sort of a useless move. 

Defensive Movesets Of Magnezone

1. In terms of defense, Charge Beam has a much higher power as well as energy gain than Spark, making it superior to the latter move. 

2. The only multi-bar charged move that a Magnezone possesses, is the Wild Charge. 

3. If you need to defend against Ground Type attacks, the best move for this is a Flash Cannon. 

4. If you did not get the chance to dodge, you can use Zap Cannon to deal with the massive damage. 

5. It is quite difficult to dodge Return as this move can be spammed one after another, however, STAB is lacking in this move. 

PvP Rating For Magnezone In Different Leagues In Pokemon Go

1. Master League – 3.5/5

2. Ultra League – 3/5

3. Great League – 3/5

Is Magnezone Worth It In Pokemon Go?

Even if Magnezone is not as effective as a Steel Type Pokemon can be, on an overall scrutinization, it is clear to say that this Pokemon has amazing stats, typing as well as Mirror Shot. So, we find this Pokemon suitable from all perspectives. It might not be a master of a particular department, but it is surely a Jack of all. 

Wrap Up

We think that it won’t in any way be a waste of your time and effort if you decide to get a Magenzone in Pokemon Go, so, get yourself ready enough to catch this Pokemon as it is going to prove to be of great advantage to you in the game. Tell us if you want to know about any other Pokemon that you are not sure of catching in Pokemon Go. 

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