Is Miltank Good Pokemon Go In 2022?

Miltank is one of the Pokemon that can neither be evolved from another Pokemon nor evolve to get you a new species. This means that if you catch a Miltank, you will need to keep the same version of it all the time. Thus, you should definitely first find out if Miltank is good in Pokemon Go or not so that you do not waste your time on the wrong choice. 

Every Pokemon belongs to one of the several types in Pokemon Go. These types decide which attacks would be effective against the Pokemon and which would not be. A lot of other values in the stats of the Pokemon determine its power and strength and how durable it will be during a battle. All these aspects need to be considered before you give time to a Pokemon. 

Miltank is a good choice only if you are looking for a Pokemon to fill the space for a defensive side. With the stats this Pokemon has and the capacity of its moves, it will not work that well for the attacking part, so make sure you need this Pokemon before making efforts in getting it. 

If you are still confused about whether or not should you catch a Miltank in Pokemon Go and use it for the upcoming battles, this battle will clear all your doubts. 

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Is Miltank Good Pokemon Go?

To decide if Miltank is a good choice in Pokemon Go or not, you need to first get hold of a lot of important information related to this Pokemon to understand it better. 

Well, first of all, a Miltank is a Normal Type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation 2, with a cow-like appearance, but Pink in color. 

Here are the stats of a Miltank in Pokemon Go:

1. STA – 216

2. ATK – 157

3. DEF – 193

The only Pokemon type that a Miltank is able to show resistance against and stands a good chance against in the battle is the Ghost Type. 

As for the vulnerability, a Miltank gets the most damage from the Fighting Type Pokemon in the game. 

Let us now check out the effectiveness of both the charged moves as well as the fast moves of a Miltank in Pokemon Go. 

Offensive Movesets Of Miltank

1. For neutral DPS, the most preferred Moveset is Tackle, however, is still not that useful. 

2. The worst fast move of a Miltank that you can ever use is Zen Headbutt.

3. If you want to fight against the Flying Type defenders, then Rollout will have the best pairing with the Ice Beam move. 

4. Next is Thunderbolt, which you should definitely not even think of using in the case of Miltank, it is not going to help at all. 

5. If you want neutral STAB damage, you can use a Body Slam move, but a Super Effective multiplier will not work on it. 

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Defensive Movesets Of Miltank

1. Tackle is a good option in case of defense Movesets, however, Zen Headbutt is superior in the fact that it offers much better energy gain, coverage, and damage. 

2. Since Fighting Type Pokemon can easily resist a Rollout move, we do not recommend you to use this defense option. 

3. If we talk about the best charge move of Miltank, then the only name that comes to our mind is Body Slam. although it is quite similar to Stomp, the energy cost of the former is much lower. 

4. Ice Beam is also a good choice to get coverage for Miltank against several attacking Pokemon, while the impact of Thunderbolt is much lesser than Ice Beam. 

5. The one charge move that we would never suggest you use is the Gyro Ball because it doesn’t work at all. 

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Is Miltank Worth It In Pokemon Go?

After reading all the information given in this article, you must have already assumed that a Miltank is suitable only in the form of a defending Pokemon. Although it can use Body Slam frequently, that cannot hide the fact that it is quite a weak Pokemon with quite lower stats than the other Pokemon, so, think twice before spending time on this Pokemon. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you have understood well if a Miltank will be helpful to you or not. Go for this Pokemon if you really need something that will only serve the defensive purpose, otherwise, there are a lot of other options available for you that you can catch in Pokemon Go.

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