Is MLB the Show 21 Crossplay? | Setup Crossplay in MLB the Show 21

The former PlayStation-exclusive joined Xbox last year and now, for the first time, MLB The Show is coming to the Nintendo Switch. With the handheld, baseball fans can take their Franchise, Diamond Dynasty and Road to the Show with them.

The best part? The best part? MLB The Show 22 supports cross-platform play. This means that you can save your game on multiple platforms using cloud save technology. In theory, you could start a franchise on PS5 and continue where you left off while on vacation. You can also bring your Switch along.

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Although players will have to play the game on several platforms, it is not a problem for the most avid baseball fan and gamer. The video below shows how you can play The Show on your mobile device with the same saves that you used on the current-gen consoles.

Another great feature that was introduced with MLB The Show 21 is still available. Crossplay is back. This means that players can play against and with each other on any platform. Xbox players can join their friends on Switch and PS5 to play together, and vice versa. It’s as easy as that.

Crossplay on MLB The Show 21

The main menu will be displayed after the player launches the game. There are many features available here, including the ‘Road to the Show’ mode and daily events. However, those who want to play with friends should locate the My Profile’ option.

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You can reach this option in two ways, both of which work on all consoles. First, select the profile icon of the player in the upper-left corner of the menu screen. This will open the customizable avatar ‘My Ballplayer’.

Scroll one option to your right until you reach the “My Profile” option. You can also press the select console’s menu button to open the same menu as the ‘My Ballplayer.

Cross-play is possible in both cases by selecting the option from the “My Profile” section. It will be located on the right side in the first example, but it will not be there in the second. Once cross-play has been turned on, players can invite their friends to their stadium.

Select the friends option from the same menu as ‘My Profile. This will open a list of all players in the player’s friend list. However, it will only show the current console. You can add someone from another console by going to the Requests’ section and selecting the Send New Friend Request’ button.

The player will be asked to enter their friend’s username. Make sure you have the correct spelling! The other player will then need to accept the request.

Once they have been added to their friend list, the host (the player who wants to start the game) must choose their friend’s name to invite them to an exhibition match. You will be taken to the settings screen, where you can adjust things like the number of innings and invite them to an exhibition game.

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After that, you can choose to get ready and your two best friends from different platforms can hit the field.

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