MultiVersus Split Screen allows players to play together in free-for-all or versus matches.

Cooperative play is a huge aspect of fighting games. Even if you don’t have access to online matchmaking, it can be a fun way to have a good time with a friend or relative.

MultiVersus Split Screen Option – Players might be interested to know if they have a multiplayer MultiVersus option that allows them to play competitive or cooperative games on the same console.


MultiVersus does not have split-screen capabilities because matches are played on one stage and all players can see their characters simultaneously.

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Local multiplayer is available, but there is no MultiVersus split screen. Fighting games are not like first-person shooters and don’t require that the screen be physically divided for two different P.O.V.s. This is more semantic.

You will instead share the control of the characters displayed on your screen when you play locally with another person. You should also check if multiverusus has voice chat.

After being heavily requested in the beta and alpha phases, this feature was added to the current open beta. It became available for early access on July 19.

You can play up to four players simultaneously and play 1v1 or 2v2 matches. There is also a free-for all where each player is playing by themselves.

Local multiplayer allows players to play characters they don’t have.

Follow these steps to participate in local multiplayer

  • Click the Play button at bottom of screen from the main menu.
  • Click the Custom tab at top of screen. T
  • The “Local Play” option will be the first on this new menu. This will allow you to set up your game.

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Is MultiVersus local co op?

MultiVersus currently only supports online co-op. Users connect via their WB accounts to their preferred system. Although cross-play is possible between systems, it is not possible for players to play together online.

How to do couch co op on multiversus?

  1. To view the mode selection menu, click Play.
  2. Go to the Custom tab at the top of your screen.
  3. Choose Local Play.
  4. (OPTIONAL). Change the options by clicking the book icon at the top right. …
  5. To connect to the game, press any button on each controller.

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