Is New World Co Op?

New World is an online multiplayer role-playing game that Amazon Games Orange County developed. Amazon Games published it on September 28, 2021. The game was originally scheduled for release in May 2020 and August 2021. However, it was delayed to the current date.

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New World Co Op

Only one person can play in the same world. Worlds can be grouped into World Sets. You can only create one character in each World Set. Players cannot play in the same World Sets unless they live in the same world.

To play with friends in a group, first match server and region. Next, complete the tutorial one by one. You will then be able to land in one of the four zones. You will need to locate each other if you’re not in the same area before you can both quest together.

Don’t accept any quests following the shipwreck to avoid being tied to the beginning area. You can also play the beginning solo and organize yourself from the first settlement. To open the social menu, press “H” next to a player to create a group. You will see options like “add friend”, invite to group message, trade, mute or block, and you can also choose to report.

You can also open the general social menu by clicking “O”, searching for your friends there, marking them as friends in the game, and adding them to the group. You can also see the options and leave the group.

It will be displayed at the top right if the co-op crew are standing. Each comrade receives a marker that is shown in the compass.

What is the best way to play coop with the New World?

Click the icon below the social menu icon to add your friends. Their names will appear in blue and a waypoint marker will show where they are. This is only possible if you have friends who are also playing in the same universe.

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Are you able to play with your friends in New World

You have two options to play with your friends in the New World. 1. Walk up to them and open their player menu. 2. Invite them to your party. Search for players by name in the Social screen and invite them to your party.

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