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Nioh is an action-based role-playing game created by Team Ninja and Kou Shibusawa for the PlayStation 4. It first came out worldwide in February of 2017 and was released in March 2017 by Sony Interactive Entertainment internationally and Koei Tecmo in Japan.

Beta and Alpha demos were made available during 2016 to test the public’s reaction to the title and then make tweaks in light of feedback. The original plan was for a release in 2016 but the changes led to the release being delayed until the next year.

When it was released, Nioh received positive reviews which praised the graphics and gameplay; however, the narrative was criticized for being confusing or lacking. Nioh climbed to the top of sales charts and then sold more than 3 million copies across the world. The sequel, Nioh 2, was released for the PlayStation 4 on March 13 and will be released on March 13, 2020.

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Nioh Co Op

Nioh is a game that can be played in co-op. Two players can team up to complete missions. One player serves as the host and summons the other player by offering an item of special significance (an Ochoko Cup) to the shrines in-game. The second player is then searching for games to join on the menu of mission choices.

You can call another person to assist with your needs at any Shrine. Choose”Summon Visitor,” then select the “Summon Visitor” option and give them an Ochoko. It is impossible to lose an Ochoko if no player is summoned, however you can’t summon a second player without one.

You don’t have to be by yourself, however. Two other players can take on Nioh 2’s entire story or play some missions. Expedition Mode allows you and your companions to take on missions that haven’t yet been completed and is a part of the whole game.

Can you play Nioh with 2 friends?

To join and play with your players to play with friends in Nioh 2, you need first to launch your map of the universe. Choose the beginning location you’d like to play into with your friend. Select Expedition and then Custom Match, and finally create a Room. This will create an area where your guests (or anyone else) could join.

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Is Nioh a co-op?

Two players can join forces to complete missions. One participant acts as host and summons the other player by offering some special items to the shrines in game. The second player looks for games they can join on an option screen.

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