Is Onigiri Crossplay?

Is Onigiri Crossplay?

Onigiri is an action-packed, massively online multiplayer role-playing game developed by CyberStep. It takes place in a world of fantasy that is reminiscent of old Japan where humans and non-humans like Oni or other Yokai can coexist. 

The Japanese government first released the game in Japan in February of 2014, and in North America on July 1 the 1st of July, 2014.

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Onigiri Crossplay

Onigiri will allow cross-play on different platforms. It is possible to play with your fellow players using Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. There will be no cross-save feature that you can quit game play on Switch and then play on Steam. Steam client.

Is Onigiri game shutting down?

Cyberstep has announced that on the 18th of March, Onigiri, the particular PC Onigiri version Onigiri will cease to be available on June 11, 2021.

What was the reason Onigiri deleted from Xbox?

Due to the problematic situation about the costs associated with keeping the service running within the EU region and the prospects of its future performance , the decision to stop the servers and stop services for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One Onigiri in the EU region was made.

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Does Onigiri available on Xbox?

Onigiri supports Onigiri available on Xbox One. The Xbox One platform officially ended at noon UTC 11:30 am on July 31, 2020.

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