Is Prime Gaming Included With Amazon Prime 2024? | Checkout Now!

Are you an Amazon Prime User? Apart from watching movies and web series, have you ever played games on Amazon Prime? Is Prime Gaming Included with Amazon Prime?

Well!! You can see many Amazon Prime users who can play games on Amazon Prime. How do they get these games on Amazon Prime?

This is because that is right that Prime Gaming is included with Amazon Prime. Yes, those who don’t know about this, read carefully.

Amazon Prime comes with several advantages for its users, and one of their advantages is Prime Gaming. By taking a subscription to Amazon Prime, you will now also get access to Prime Gaming where you can play a lot of games.

To know more about Prime Gaming, its features, subscriptions, and many more things, get the full article.

What Is Amazon Prime Gaming?

The paid subscription-based service Amazon Prime from Amazon Inc. unlocks exclusive benefits and features to meet user demands and improve their shopping experience while meeting their entertainment needs.

Without its subscription, you will get access to only 2-day speed shipping, but if you go deeper into it, you will get to know that there are so many more additional and interesting features that you will get after getting a Prime Membership.

Is Prime Gaming Included With Amazon Prime?

So, what we are looking for is the answer to “Is Prime Gaming included with Amazon Prime?”. The answer is Yes. Prime Gaming is included with Amazon Prime.

In-game content for your preferred games, free games download, and a cost-free monthly Twitch Channel Subscription are all included with Amazon Prime Gaming. 

With their monthly subscription, Amazon Prime users receive access to in-game loots, free games, and more. Although you are not required to take advantage of these deals, it is comforting to be aware of your options.

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Benefits Of Prime Gaming Included With Amazon Prime

  • Twitch Channel Subscription- Additionally, Prime members receive a free monthly Twitch subscription(worth $4.99), which they can use to support their preferred streamers. Also, you will be able to speak with other users and get unique Twitch chat colors and emotes.
  • Free in-game Items- In dozens of games, you can get free cash, cosmetic packs, and other in-game goods at no additional cost.
  • Exclusive Emoticons- Access Emoticons like ScaredyCat, KappaHD, and more that are only available to Prime Gaming and Turbo Members.
  • Member-Only Prime Chat Badge- Become king or queen with a special conversation badge. When speaking on any channel on Twitch, Prime Members can be clearly recognized by the crown icon.
  • Extended Broadcast Storage- Twitch will now store your previous broadcasts for 60 days as opposed to the usual 14.
  • Expanded Chat Color Option- Set a chat color

What is the price of Amazon Prime Gaming?

You don’t need to pay more because Amazon Prime Gaming is included in your standard Amazon Prime Subscription, which is $12.99 per month.
If you are not satisfied, you can also sign up for a free 30-day trial and cancel at any time. If you want a Prime Membership subscription, you can easily get it, as its price is not so high.

What Features Are Available With Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime includes some of these features and many more.
1. Free Shipping
2. Speedy Shipping
3. Prime Gaming
4. Amazon Music 
5. Amazon Movies
6. Amazon Series and TV Shows

How Will You Get Access To Prime Gaming With Amazon Prime?

It comes as good news for you all that Prime Gaming is included with Amazon Prime at no cost. You only have to pay to get a subscription to Amazon Prime, after that you will automatically get access to Prime Gaming also. As simple as that!

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Here is all you will get to know everything about whether is Prime Gaming included with Amazon Prime or not.

Take advantage of what Prime Game has to offer if you already have Amazon Prime. Your Prime Membership fully covers it, so there is no reason not to.

Whenever you want to play free games, just take a subscription to Amazon Prime and get access to many interesting games at no cost along with some more benefits. I think this is the best deal you ever do.  

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