Is Rubber Bandits Crossplay?

Is Rubber Bandits Crossplay?

Rubber Bandits is a criminally enjoyable multiplayer party game that up to four players can play. With 6 exciting games, the players can steal, fight, brawl, and race towards the finish line to collect the highest loot to win.

Rubber Bandits Crossplay

Rubber Bandits indeed supports crossplay. It allows you to collaborate with friends in crime local and online multiplayer up to four bands, and you can play across all platforms. The game is available through Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S via Xbox Game Pass and on PS4, PS5 and PC.

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What do you do in Rubber Bandits?

Rubber Bandits is a super hilarious, cartoon-style brawling game. The goal is to take as much loot as feasible before escaping from the scene. You can choose from a hilarious roster of characters, including an iconic thief, hilarious banana, and a sly grandmother.

Is Rubber Bandits 2 player?

Play locally, online, or even with two players playing simultaneously on one computer. Choose one of the many classic robber costumes like cat burglar, cowboy outlaw or a banana suit.

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What console is Rubber Bandits on?

Rubber Bandits are available currently for download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X as well as by Xbox Game Pass and on PS4, PS5 and PC, Rubber Bandits from Flashbulb Games is the latest game from the party to see if it can earn an appearance on the playlist for the season.

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