Is Sekiro Harder Than Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a difficult game to play. The Bosses attack brutally, the fight to win is hard and so are the levels. The player must explore the open world and can collect resources of desire. The game levels are tough but we cannot call it the hardest. The challenges are difficult but exploration provides alternative modes to win and this makes the game a little easy. 

But there are many more challenging games that you can play which are actually difficult than Elden Ring. These games do not have many alternatives and all you need to do to win is believe in your combat skills. 
Yes, it won’t be wrong to say that Sekiro is harder than Elden Ring and we will give you the reasons for that. So keep reading for more details.

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Is Sekiro Harder Than Elden Ring?

Sekiro is not very different from Elden Ring in its gameplay and fighting style. In the fictional world of Sekiro, the player needs to explore and fight with the bosses. The game has a special emphasis on combat and boss battles and of course, the bosses are difficult to compete with.

However, in Elden Ring, some bosses can be easily killed with certain weapons or by cheese methods but in Sekiro, you need to properly study the bosses to beat them in the game. 

The player’s improved abilities or growing stats can only be acquired if they put on a great fight. The skills of the player in Combat and attacks enhance their ability as the game progresses. But in Elden Ring, there are other ways for the player to grow rather than just fighting with the bosses. In Elden Ring, the player can summon the Non-Playing characters to help but this assistance lacks in Sekiro so kid, you are on your own. 

There are a lot of weapon choices provided in both games but the variety of weapons in Elden Ring is more according to the playing style, especially if you check out the five best daggers in Elden Ring. There are optional weapons in Sekiro too but most of the fights are done with the same weapons and this keeps the player limited to a particular fighting style, irrespective of the enemy bosses in front of them.

Elden Ring is a hard game but there are several options and a few assistance the game provides to the players and this makes it a bit smoother. But in Sekiro, only your skills and tactics can make you the winner. 

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Is Sekiro Harder Than Elden Ring- FAQs

Is Sekiro open world?

No, unlike many other action role-playing fantasy games, Sekiro does not feature an open world. It lacks a huge number of locations to explore and is more focused on combat and boss battles. 

How many Bosses does Sekiro have?

There are many interesting characters in Sekiro and there are about 12 bosses in particular. Of these bosses, you can say that Isshin Ashina is the hardest to fight with and is probably the strongest of all. 

Is Sekiro harder than Dark Souls?

According to the majority of game lovers, Sekiro is harder than Dark Souls. The sole focus of Sekiro is on combat and bosses and there are lesser role-playing elements and of course a lack of an open world. This makes the game linear to one goal and difficult to play. Though some feel that Dark Souls is also no joke but most will agree that Sekiro is harder. 

Wrap Up

The level of difficulty of a game is all dependent on how the players think of it. For some, Elden Ring is an insanely difficult game but more believe that Sekiro even exceeds that mark. The readers might disagree with our thoughts but a huge amount of players who have played both these games believe that Sekiro is harder and so do we. 

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