Is Shedinja Good In Pokemon Go? Is Shedinja Worth It?

Do you have any combination of a Bug and a Ghost Type Pokemon yet? If not, then you must be eyeing Shedinja in Pokemon Go, right? But, wait, there is an important thing that you should check before obtaining a Pokemon for yourself, just find out whether is Shedinja good in Pokemon Go or not, and we are here to assist you in this. 

Every Pokemon is different from the others in one or more ways. In Pokemon Go, you will find a wide variety of different species of Pokemon which will confuse you about which one to catch and which ones to skip. The same goes for Shedinja, do you know what are the positive and negative qualities of this Pokemon? If not, you cannot just blindly go and get this for yourself. 

In Pokemon Go, Shedinja is undoubtedly one of the weakest Pokemon with the worst stamina throughout the game. So, it is preferable if you do not use this Pokemon for any of your battles or waste your time in catching this species. However, there are several more things that you must first check out before making this decision. 

Let us now get a lot more detail about Shedinja in Pokemon Go so that you can better understand if this Pokemon is worth being on your list or not. 

Is Shedinja Good In Pokemon Go?

Before you come to any kind of conclusion, we want you to know that you cannot judge a Pokemon on mere one or two things, it is important for you to first gain all the important information regarding this Pokemon so that you know if it qualifies for what you are looking for right now. 

In the case of Shedinja, here are the major stats of this species in Pokemon Go:

1. STA – 1

2. ATK – 153

3. DEF – 73

The next thing we need to know is the vulnerability of this Pokemon so that if you are planning to use your Shedinja against any of such Pokemon Types, you would be making a mistake: 

1. Rock Type – 160% damage

2. Dark Type – 160% damage

3. Flying Type – 160% damage

4. Fire Type – 160% damage

5. Ghost Type – 160% damage

Let us now also check the Attack Types to which a Shedinja is quite resistant and will do great during a battle against such Type Pokemon, here is a list: 

1. Fighting Type – deals 24% damage

2. Normal Type – deals 39% damage

3. Ground Type – deals 63% damage

4. Poison Type – deals 63% damage

5. Grass Type – deals 63% damage

6. Bug Type – deals 63% damage

Now, time for the most important thing, the Movesets of a Shedinja to see if it can inflict a good amount of attack or defend itself or not. 

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Offensive Moves Of Shedinja

1. Shadow Claw and Aerial Ace – This Moveset is the highest one in the case of neutral DPS. 

2. Shadow Claw and Shadow Sneak – This combination will work really well if you are battling against a Psychic and Ghost Type Pokemon. 

3. Bug Bite and Aerial Ace – This combination is good for you in case of a battle against the Grass Type Pokemon. 

Remember that the charged moves of Shedinja are not that good, in fact, they are usually not worth using. 

Defensive Moves of Shedinja

In the case of defensive Movesets, Bug Bite stands at the top of the list. Then comes the Shadow Claw which is also a good choice and the third one is the Struggle Bug. Apart from these, aerial Ace and Shadow Sneak are also good Charge Moves that you can use for defense. 

However, the best thing for you would be if you do not use a Shedinja on defense at all because there are much better options available for you.

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Is Shedinja Worth It In Pokemon Go?

We believe that Shedinja is not that good of a choice for battles in Pokemon Go. This one is really a weak Pokemon. In fact, there would be nothing wrong in saying that a Shedinja is the Pokemon that has the worst stamina among all in Pokemon Go, thus, we recommend you not to waste your time and Pokedex space over this petty Pokemon. 

Wrap Up

That was all you needed to know to decide if Shedinja is a good Pokemon or not in Pokemon Go. We hope that you would no longer want to obtain this species for yourself. If there is any other Pokemon on your mind that you are not sure about catching, you can share it with us in the comments so that we can assist you through that. 

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