Is Sons Of The Forest On Xbox In 2022?

If you are planning to play Sons of the Forest On Xbox after its release, then Wait!! There is something important that you should know. Sons of the Forest, a survival game, that will be going to release on February 2023, players are uncertain about which platforms this game will be available on.

Many gamers find playing games on Xbox to be far more comfortable than on other platforms. Our today’s article is for those Xbox lovers, who wanna know, Is Sons of the Forest on Xbox?

Well!! In a single line, we can say that No, Sons of the Forest is not on Xbox. The creators of this game have not given any reassurance that this game will be available on consoles.

This comes as a disappointment for those, who love to explore their gaming skills on Xbox. No need to be sad, maybe some exciting news related to its release on Xbox is waiting for you later in the article. So, don’t stop reading.

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Is Sons Of The Forest On Xbox?

No, as said at the start of the article, Sons of the Forst Is not on Xbox. This game probably won’t ever be available on Xbox platforms, which leads to a huge disappointment for its fans. According to the developers, the game would initially only be available on PC.

On what platforms this game is available?

Although the game will ultimately be released on consoles, it is unlikely to ever be released on Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S considering that the original game was only accessible via PC and Playstation 4.

Why this game is not on Xbox?

The developers of this game stated that being a small company, they can only devote their attention to one console at a time and currently focus on making its gameplay perfect and smooth on a limited platform. (PS4 and PC).

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Will this game come on Xbox in the future?

Here comes some good news for players who wants Sons of the Forest on the Xbox. Read Carefully!! As soon as we asked Endnight Games that, If Sons of the Forest would release on Xbox? Then, they replied that” We’d love to bring the game to Xbox in the future.” 

With this statement, it is not confirmed yet that the game will be guaranteed to be released on Xbox. 


At last, we say that currently, Sons of the Forest is not on Xbox. But as with the statement given by Endnight Games, there is a possibility that in the coming future, this game will be compatible with Xbox. Honestly speaking, there may be a 50-50 chance of Sons of the Forest coming to Xbox. Simply, wait for any future updates released by the game developers. Till then enjoy this game on PC and PS4. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Xbox game similar to Sons of the Forest?

The game on our list that resembles the Sons of the Forest the most, is Green Hell. It contains a sanity system, a lot of resource management, many trees, native human foes on the island, and a compelling story.

Is Sons of the Forest Open-World?

Yes, Sons of the Forest is an open-world survival horror simulator game where you have to craft and build items in order to survive alone or with your friends.

What is the price of Sons of the Forest?

The game will be launched on February 23, 2023, with a suggested retail price of $29.99 USD.

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