Is Splitgate Split Screen?

With the rise of popularity for Splitgate the demand has been increasing for more options for local multiplayer. Players have been asking for features like local co-op play as well as Splitgate’s split-screen options. Online multiplayer can be incredibly well-liked, some players prefer to relax and play with their friends at home.

In this article, we’ll take the time to see if these options are in fact accessible to Splitgate players.

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Splitgate Split Screen

Split screen is a certain option for those who love Split Gate. It lets you play with a friend even when you play online. Split screen was the most popular feature of numerous FPS games, particularly similar to Halo. But with Split Gate it’s just an idea currently.

As of the writing time, Splitgate does not offer the option of a split screen. The game doesn’t provide the option of adding extra players to your console. Therefore, if you’re looking to play with your friends you’ll need more screens and multiple consoles.

Does Splitgate Support Local Co-Op Play?

If Splitgate doesn’t have split screen, does it provide the option of local play? The answer is not a yes. “Couch co-op” as it is called, will normally depend on all players playing at the same time on the same monitor. In the absence of a split multiplayer in Splitgate means that this isn’t possible.

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However, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be there. Splitgate is growing rapidly to keep pace with its increasing number of players. When there’s enough interest, you could see the game of your choice becoming part of the mix.

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