Is amazon product tester a scam or legit?

Have you also come across an online job advertisement for Amazon Product Tester? Then be aware it could be a Scam. is a website that claims to provide Amazon Product testing jobs. But is this Legit or Scam, we will find out in this article.

What Is is a website that was created on October 20, 2022. The primary focus of this website is to provide product testing jobs. A product testing job includes testing different products and then providing a genuine and reasonable review of that product. claimed to provide Amazon Product tester jobs. It has opened various opportunities for people to earn money in the comfort of their homes simply by testing out products and writing reviews. 

Is A Scam or Legit?

Many people nowadays prefer to get a work-from-home job so that they can avoid traveling miles to reach the office and work comfortably at home. No doubt there are indeed a lot of legitimate work-from-home jobs available on the internet. But there are some scammers out there who try to scam people by assuring them to provide jobs.

One such scam is from a website called which started an advertisement to provide Amazon Product testing jobs and scammed a lot of people. Yes, is a scam and you should not trust these kinds of websites. The website has a very low ranking and according to the reviews of the people who have used this website, it is a complete Scam.

How Scams People?

The website targets people who are looking for Work-from-home jobs and advertises fake jobs as Amazon Product testers. They offer innocent people a handsome amount of money for simply testing out some products.

People are asked to sign into their website and complete a few steps. They charge money for signing and buying products. They are asked to buy products online for testing and make the payment via online mode. They believe that this is a part of the process. But little did they know that they had been scammed.

How to protect yourself from Scams?

The Scammers usually creates websites and social media account that looks genuine like any other website. You should always be aware before engaging in these kinds of websites and social media account that offers jobs like this. You should always check with the official website of the company.

To protect yourself from these types of scams, never fill out any kind of online survey forms or apply for a random job. You should never pay for any job and not provide any information to fraudulent websites without checking the legitimacy of it. If you find any suspicious social media account or website, you must report it immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon Product Tester A Job?

Amazon invites people to test their products and provide reviews, the job is unpaid and you will only receive free products.

Is Legit?

No, is not a legitimate website.

Conclusion has spammed numerous innocent people by taking advantage of them. It has offered people a work-from-home job from Amazon which includes product testing and reviewing. However, by being aware and cautious you can avoid getting scammed by these websites in the future.

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