Is the Anacrusis Crossplay? | What Platforms Support Anacrusis Crossplay?

An action video game was developed and published by Stray Bombay on 13 January 2022. It’s Anacrusis. It is a four shooter video game. Because of its amazing graphics, players are very curious to know whether Anacrusis is cross-platform. 

Its visuals are very impressive which attracts no. of people to play this game. By Looking at graphics and design, it seems like the developers of this game have worked hard to make this game superior. The Anacrusis game is still popular nowadays. It’s one of those games that offers a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

If we talk about a cross-platform feature in this game, we say that Anacrusis is a cross-platform game. Yes, you heard it right, this game supports cross-platform. Aside from that, gamers have a lot of questions about Anacrusis and its cross-play feature. Don’t worry !! You will get answers to all of your questions in this article.

Is Anacrusis Cross-play in 2022?

Cross-platform is a feature that allows gamers to interact and play games across different devices like Android, PlayStation, PC, etc.

Before the release of this game, The Anacrusis developer Stray Bombay has announced that cross-play will be enabled when the game launches on January 13.

In short, we can say that yes this game is a cross-play game. You can easily enjoy this game with your friends having different platforms.

What Platforms Support Anacrusis?

The List of platforms that support Anacrusis are :

  • Xbox series X/S
  • Xbox One
  • PC

Is the Anacrusis on PlayStation?

Unfortunately, its answer is “No”. Anacrusis is not available on PlayStations but this game will soon release on PS4 and PS5 maybe this winter. Until, you can cross-play this game only between Xbox series, Xbox One, and Microsoft windows.

Anacrusis Cross-Play Xbox And Pc

The Anacrusis is a cross-play game, which means it can be played on both Xbox and PC. 

No matter if you are having Xbox and your friend is having PC, you can simply team up with his/ her to fight against the aliens.


We came up with another positive news with this game Anacrusis is a cross-play game. Maybe after knowing about this feature, the reach of this game will be increased more and maybe this game will come on the list of “Most Played Games” of 2022. This game is currently available on Xbox X/S, Xbox One, and Microsoft windows and may be available soon for PlayStations 4 and 5 also.

To know more about its future update, just stay connected with us. We will surely bring new articles related to the new updates of this game.

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