Is The Ascent Co Op? | Online, Couch, Solo in The Ascent

The Ascent, a cyberpunk-themed action-role-playing video game, was developed by Neon Giant (Swedish indie game studio) and published by Curve digital for Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on 29th July 2021. The Ascent was created using Unreal Engine 4, by 12 people, and is Neon Giant’s debut in this industry.

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The Ascent Co Op

Using one of three methods, you can play co-op with friends in The Ascent. Online Co-op or Couch Co-op are the most accessible game modes.

Online Co-op can be found on the main menu right at the beginning. This model allows you play the game online with other players. These could be strangers, or your friends. Invite them to join the game, so they can play from the beginning.

After the online option, Couch Co-op is the next. For a safe gaming experience, you can choose the Couch mode.

Solo play is the third and final way to play the game. You can switch between online and offline modes by pressing the start button. You can switch between invite, public, and off.

Is The Ascent an Xbox exclusive?

Developer Neon Giant has announced that The Ascent will be coming to PlayStation consoles next month. The game’s first release was on July 2021, but it was also available via the PC platform.

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Is ruiner like ascent?

Both are cyberpunk games with top-down shooting mechanics. However, Ascent is not a copy. Ruiner’s aesthetic seems more modern and automated, while Ascent seems to lean more towards urban grunge or organic grit. Artistically, they are not the same.

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