Is The F74 Trend Real? Can You Enter Another Dimension?

Do you also dream of entering another dimension, entirely different from this world? Well, according to the latest TikTok trend it is possible. But, the question is, is the F74 trend real? Let us find out everything about this trend in detail and see if we can enter a parallel universe or not. 

Stories about moving to a new dimension, a parallel world have been persisting for a long time, however, nobody has been able to confirm to what extent these theories are true. That is why curiosity keeps swirling in our minds and we try to search for the answers.

The F74 trend on Tik Tok claims to take you to another dimension if you write “F74” on your wrist before going to sleep and that’s it. However, it is believed that these are just rumors and there is no reality in this. You can try it for yourself if you still are doubtful about this trend. 

We know that there are a lot of things that you further wish to know about the F74 trend that is spreading rapidly over TikTok, so, just keep reading and attain all the required information. 

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Is The F74 Trend Real?

New viral trends and challenges keep arriving on TikTok to keep the audience indulged in the app. While some of these trends are quite funny, others can be scary and dangerous as well. 

Recently, the F74 trend has been getting quite popular over the platform as per which you will be stuck in your dreams taking you to another dimension from where you need to escape or you will be stranded there forever. 

Basically, the F74, also known as the Floor 74 trend is of Japanese origin that claims that you can move to a different dimension, beyond this world. It is believed to be just like an escape game where you travel via your lucid dreaming and your aim should be to escape the game and survive if you fail to do this in time, you will be stuck in that alternate dimension for the rest of your life. Sounds scary, right?

In this challenge, what you have to do is take a red-colored marker and write “F74” on your wrist and then go to sleep. When you fall asleep, you will find yourself in an alternate dimension where you will see a long hallway with a lot of doors. You will hear many creepy and scary voices but make sure you do not turn back. 

Now, what you have to do there is to find the door which has marked “F74” on it. This is the door that will escape you from your dream so that you can come back to reality after waking up from your dream. However, if you fail to find this door in time, a demon will take you to a white room where you will not find any escape and will have to stay there forever.

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Although the F74 trend on TikTok has been there for years, it is now that it is getting the limelight and everyone is talking about it. A lot of users have attempted to perform this trend and a majority of them have reported that there is nothing true in this trend. They believe that these lucid dreams are not real and this challenge is nothing but a myth. 

On the other side, there are some other users who reported that even after being unable to escape their dreams, they could still wake up and didn’t get struck over there. 

Wrap Up

That is the information we have about the F74 trend on TikTok for now. Though most people are saying that the F74 trend is not real, we suggest you try this trend at your own risk and be fully prepared in advance, who knows you actually end up in the parallel universe. Whatever you experience, do tell us in the comments if you succeed in escaping. 

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