Is Ultimate Chicken Horse Crossplay?

As we know that there is a variety of gaming consoles out in the market and your friends probably don’t have the same models as you do. What is the solution in this case? You really need some crossplay games if you want to play online with your squad. Let us today know about a game, Ultimate Chicken Horse, and see if it is crossplay or not.

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a multiplayer video game for competitive platforms released by Canadian Studio Clever Endeavor Games. The game was released for Microsoft Windows on 4 March 2016. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in December of 2017 and Nintendo Switch on 25 September 2018.

You are going to be really happy to know the fact that Ultimate Chicken Horse is crossplay for all the platforms on which it is available except one. You are probably wondering if yours is an exceptional platform.

Keep reading to know more about the crossplay feature of Ultimate Chicken Horse and the platforms that support this feature.

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Is Ultimate Chicken Horse Crossplay?

The following platforms are supported by Ultimate Chicken Horse: Steam (PC), Linux, Mac, Windows PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. If you choose to use any of these platforms, you’ll be able to enjoy playing online with your pals.

Although Ultimate Chicken Horse is also available for Xbox One, it is only cross-platform on the aforementioned platforms.

How Do You Play Cross Platform Ultimate Chicken Horse?

To play games with other players across different platforms, you need to set up an online lobby. If you’re okay with having anyone join your lobby, you can choose to make it Public and your guests should be able to view it on the lobby list by clicking Find Public Games.

Can You Play Ultimate Chicken Horse Alone?

The Challenge Levels can be designed and played by themselves, however, the process of unlocking levels and characters is a matter of participating in any of the primary modes of play (like Party Mode) which are exclusively multiplayer.

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Can You Play Ultimate Chicken Horse Offline?

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a multiplayer game where several players compete offline or online with various objects to either hinder or help one another reach the desired goal. There are two primary choices to play in the main menu: Play Locally or Play Online.

Wrap Up

That is it, you now have all the information about crossplay in Ultimate Chicken Horse and all the important related information about this game. What is the wait for, then? Go ahead and get this game for yourself and ask your friends too so that you can enjoy playing it with them every weekend.

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