Is Vindictus Crossplay?

Vindictus is an action hugely multiplayer online role-playing video game created by devCAT, an in-house studio belonging to the Korean publisher of free-to-play games Nexon. Vindictus is an early version of the MMORPG Mabinogi and is also known as Mabinogi Heroes in Asia.

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Vindictus Crossplay

Unfortunately, you’ll not be allowed to connect with your friends on multiple devices since Vindictus does not allow crossplay. But, you can play multiplayer games.

Is there vindictus on steam?

The Vindictus of Steam. NEXON Korea Corp. & NEXON America Inc. Explore a sinister and dark world where you have to fight to survive.

Do you think you can play Vindictus using an controller?

ReWASD can help you create a fantastic Vindictus controller configuration and arrange the keys of your keyboard in a way you are the most comfortable. You can also adjust how your emulated mouse operates and make it less sensitive or include haptic feedback in your customized Vindictus controller settings.

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Can you play Vindictus on Mac?

Yes, if you have a current Mac, you can use it in native mode through Boot Camp or Virtual Machine.

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