Is Virtual Reality the Future of Gaming? Explined

Virtual reality has taken a huge step forward in the gaming world, with Oculus leading the market, especially after the Rift headset came into the picture. The pandemic fueled the purchase of VR sets, with gamers wanting even more immersion than before – they want to be part of the game. 

But does virtual reality have a future in gaming, or is it just a passing trend? What are the setbacks, and where does the potential lie? We are just about to find that out. 

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Is Virtual Reality the Future of Gaming?

The Setbacks

There is much potential that makes virtual reality gaming more than just a passing trend. However, while many believe that this should be VRs moment, the technology is still niche, and it’s not soaring as much as we may expect it to. 

The first reason for that may be the price. At around $150-$200, VR sets are still not something that people can afford. While the price for most sets dropped down nearly by half, the technology is still mainly accessible only to those that are fairly well-off. The rest will simply have to keep seeing the games on their computer monitors.

Virtual reality sets also need to be plugged into strong computers, making them impractical for the average gamer. Many people would say that virtual reality is only almost there: you can see it having potential, but you still can’t touch it. 

Playing can also be difficult, especially in games where you need to move around a lot, such as Nightmare Reaper or any other shooters. Taking down your enemies might be rather difficult to do when you’re trying to not fall over a coffee table or knock down a lamp. However, for racing games and those that do not require much movement, it shows great potential.

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The Catchup

Indeed, at the moment, virtual reality is still fairly impractical – but things are also beginning to change. The hardware for most computers is different, especially for gamers that are invested in the game. Oculus also made multiple modifications to their VR sets so that they are much easier to use.

Indeed, the price point is still high – with the Oculus Quest selling for almost $400. However, both the Quest and the Quest 2 broke the sales, being a huge success among virtual reality enthusiasts that simply wanted to bring that new technology home. 

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The technology is also much better. The headsets are lighter, reducing the discomfort and allowing even more immersion within the game. Nowadays, they can also be connected through wireless and have a longer battery life, making them an appropriate choice for video gaming. 

The VR market is booming all over the world, with global offshore forex brokers seeing an increased interest in the virtual reality market. People are buying shares in Oculus and other companies selling VR stocks, which shows great potential for the role that VR will have in the future. 

The Bottom Line

It’s difficult to say what role virtual reality will have in the games of the future. What we can say, however, is that people definitely like it. The immersion of VR sets is something that every gamer is looking for, and should they become more accessible, they will forever change the way we play games.

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