Kayla Quick Overview, Life, Family

Today, people’s interest in Kayla Quick has increased dramatically due to her affiliation with ex-footballer and presenter Michael Strahan. Kayla, an entrepreneur, is the founder and owner of Fizzness, a beauty wellness brand. Although her Wikipedia page is missing, she has a story that netizens have noticed.

Kayla Quick’s Diverse Professional Journey

Kayla Quick, whose LinkedIn profile reveals a history in Real Estate Sales and Development, has held several positions throughout her career. She is not only an entrepreneur but also a Creative Director and Investor for some companies, revealing her varied nature. Kayla has a successful life, though her earlier years saw legal troubles involving burglary and violence.

Transformation leads and meets Michael Strahan

However, Kayla’s journey turned for the better in time. She concentrated on personal growth and career advancement to show her passion for self-development. This transformation opened the doors for her to meet Michael Strahan while on this path of personal improvement.

Kayla Quick’s Wikipedia-Less Story

Although Kayla Quick was developing as Michael Strahan’s girlfriend, she has no Wikipedia page. This has left netizens looking for more information about her, especially regarding her age and wealth. Kayla was born on 17 October 1989 in Port Charlotte, Florida. She is currently aged thirty-four years. She is a citizen of America and has mixed ancestry.

Family Background and Legal History

Kayla’s background is interesting since her deceased father, Gerald Quick, has a criminal status. With some legal issues, Kayla did not have an easy time growing up with her sister, Kara Lee Quick. After being behind bars twice as a teen, she faced her past and began an odyssey of self-actualization.

Academic Pursuits and Entrepreneurial Ventures

To allow her transition, Kayla studied for a Business Administration degree in mass communication and media from the University of Tampa. Further, she went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the International Culinary Center. Her desire to promote wellness and entrepreneurial attitude has pushed her to co-found FIZZNESS, a brand in which she is its Chief Executive Officer. She had a net worth of $100,00 in 23 as her model and entrepreneur experience.

Love Story featuring Michael Strahan

Kayla’s love affair with Michael Strahan also started in 2015 after they met for the first time at a Port Charlotte bar. Known for privacy regarding their relationship, the couple began dating in 2015. Even with their eight-year relationship, Kayla and Michael have a low-key life. They were seen in public at the 2015 Super Bowl after-party and, more recently, at a Walk of Fame Event.

A decade full of love and mutual respect

So, despite their nearly ten-year age gap, Kayla and Michael Strahan prove a love that goes beyond the normal boundaries of ages. Not known to be surrounded by controversies, the couple shows great respect and adoration for each other. Though Kayla Quick’s Wikipedia page is missing, her journey in life, given her personal growth and her relationship with Michael Strahan, is still attracting public attention.

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