Kelly Johana Suárez Martínez Moyam Sentenced?

Are you a fan of Kelly Johana Suarez Martinez Moyam? If yes, then today’s article will blow your mind as we are going to reveal one of the shocking facts about Kelly Johana.

She is a well-known professional model, who gained a lot of attention from the female audience and has become very popular among youngsters in the past years.

But as soon as she gained popularity, a dark tragic incident about his personality came to light, and her career got trapped with allegations. Let’s look at it in more detail.

Who Is Kelly Johana Suarez Martinez Moyam?

Kelly Johana Suarez Martinez Moyam was a resident of Columbia and belonged to a very poor family. She had a tough upbringing in her house and had a miserable childhood.

From the beginning, she had a passion for changing her life and she did it too. In 2013, she participated in Miss Cartagena Paegant and started her career in modeling.

She was successful in this field and she became a beauty pageant model. Then, she started living the luxurious life of a model. But, after some time, a tragic incident happened in her life, which completely changed her life.

What Is The Shocking Incident Of Kelly Johana?

As lucky as the year 2013 was for Kelly, the year 2014 brought a dramatic change in her life. She was arrested with eleven other men, in the case of child trafficking.

It is believed that Kelly Johana was involved in the child prostitution ring of foreign sex tourists. According to the ICE, she attempted to sell the virginity of an 11-year-old child to a foreigner for around $1000.

She was proven to be an accused of that crime and arrested immediately.

Where Is Kelly Johana Suarez Now?

However, Kelly said she had no involvement in any kind of Child Trafficking and she had been falsely accused. However, based on the investigation, police claimed that Kelly was involved in this case.

After arrest, Kelly was put in the San Diego women’s prison in the Bolivar department. We think that, from then till now, she is in the same prison and waiting for the final result of the court.

Kelly Johana Suarez: Inspiration For “Giselle” In Sound Of Freedom

Sound of Freedom is a 2023 crime thriller movie that is based on the incident that happened in the life of Kelly Johana.

You can get to see a lot of characters, but the movie’s main lead characters are-

  1. Jim Caviezel: Played the role of the Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard, who saved the children from a Human trafficking racket run by Kelly Johana.
  1. Yessica Borroto Perryman: Played the character of Kelly Johana, a beauty model who was later involved in the illegal child trafficking matter. In the movie, her character name is “Giselle”.

This movie is completely real in which Tim Ballard (role played by Jim Caviezel) comes to Columbia to catch a girl involved in the human trafficking racket. And, he finally arrested a 22-year-old girl Giselle (Kelly Johana), and sent her to prison. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will Kelly Johana Suarez Be In Jail?

In the case of Child Trafficking, she has almost been sentenced jail to for between 5 and 27 years. 

Which Film Is Based On The Life Of Kelly Johana Suarez?

A 2023, American crime-based movie, Sound Of Freedom. 


Child Trafficking is a serious crime and if Kelly has committed this crime, she deserves the hardest punishment. Well!! How shocking is this, that there could be a devil’s face behind a beautiful model’s face?

No matter how popular a person is, it is not necessary that their intentions are also good. What are your thoughts about Kelly Johana Suarez now?

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