Las Vegas or Toronto? Where would you go?

For quite a long time, Las Vegas has been synonymous with casinos and gambling. A place full of money and gambling, it has long been very prosperous. Vegas is recognized as the world’s gambling capital as it offers some of the best gambling opportunities you might ever find.

However, there are some other places where gambling is a fast-growing industry. In particular, some Canadian cities have the potential of becoming the next Vegas in the near future. And that’s not about land-based casinos only but about online gambling as well!

What do people do when they need to find the best online canadian casino? They check out reviews for the ones with fast payouts instead of looking for gaming sources elsewhere. That way, online casino games become easy to access from Canada or anyother country. Doesn’t it add more potential to some Canadian cities to rival Vegas. Which one of them is in a position to beat Vegas? Let’s find out!

Toronto is a city where people stay when they intend to visit Niagara Falls. As you may know, Niagara Falls is very famous in both the US and Canada for its wedding industry. It has become a pretty prosperous business there. If Toronto could turn into a solid gambling venue, it might have a real chance to beat Vegas because the wedding industry is already established in this area. People could have their weddings there and it would be good for casinos holding all those crazy bachelor and bachelorette parties. The city already has a massive tourism industry, so it definitely has a chance to become the best city for gambling.

Holidays and hobbies. Family traditions.

Gambling is a near-worldwide industry. It constantly develops new products to meet the demands of both existing and potential consumers.

Online gambling at sites like, however, does not inspire people to travel for gambling holidays. Why should they do so if they can gamble online from home?

There are many cities in the world which boast famous casinos. From Las Vegas’s Bellagio to equally stunning venues like Fallsview Casino Resort in Toronto, their least is truly endless. So, the question is:

·         Do people travel there with the purpose to gamble?

·         Why do they do so?

In order to find an answer to these questions, it’s worth defining what is considered ‘gambling tourism’. It could be defined as follows:

Gambling tourism is about both traveling and gaming. It covers the needs of those players who visit places specifically to gamble as well as the industries which support those players. Casino hotels & resorts play a big role in gambling tourism. They attract visitors for a well-rounded and entertaining family holiday that includes gambling, entertainment and some family events. On the other side, gambling tourism is an excellent chance for players who visit whether unknown places of Vegas mentioned at or Toronto to gamble because it’s restricted to play at their home.

The benefits and harms of gambling. The freedom of the individual or the horror of the nation?

Gambling has been around for centuries and it still continues to be controversial. How often do you hear about the benefits of gambling? Mostly, the emphasis is placed on its negative consequences.

We will go into detail about its disadvantages and advantages.

1.     Benefits of gambling

·  Earning money

·  Easy to start

·  Fun and entertaining

·  Various games

·  Can be a social occurrence

·  Good for the economy and tourism

2.     Harms of gambling

·  The odds are against you

·  Losing money

·  Addiction

Gambling can be exciting and potentially lucrative if indulged in for fun. If you gamble responsibly, consider it like a pastime, and stick to your budget, gambling can be a highly fulfilling activity.


There is no doubt that Vegas is still an unbeaten global casino capital. But the fact is that if Canadian cities, like Toronto, will develop this industry further, they could overthrow Vegas in this regard. Or, at least become strong competitors for this title. Toronto has the potential to develop a thriving, global gambling industry. If it comes true, then it could become a major gambling center of the world. And it will be located in the middle of beautiful scenery, rather than in the middle of a desert!

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