Level 49 Requirement Pokemon Go

Do you want to reach level 49 in Pokemon Go, you must fulfill certain criteria, but what is it? If you are also looking for Level 49 requirements in Pokemon Go, then you will get all the information right here, so keep reading and find out so that you can work on the same. 

In Pokemon Go, it is important that you keep advancing further in the game which is evident from the level you are at. If you are rapidly leveling up in the game, this means that you are really doing good there. We hope that you are not stuck at level 48, and if you are, then we want to let you know what you specifically have to do for leveling up. 

The level 49 requirements in Pokemon Go are earning 35 platinum medals, sending 500 gifts to your in-game friends, getting 50 lucky Pokemon through trading, trading 10 Pokemon that have been caught from more than 300 km far, and earning 25 million XP. 

We think that if you need more detail on this, then why don’t you just continue to read and attain a better knowledge of this, and we shall also let you know the key to leveling up further. 

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What Is Level 49 Requirement Pokemon Go?

If you want to be great at Pokemon Go, you can prove this to others only if you level up in the game, but most players find this difficult and get stuck on a particular level in Pokemon Go. If the same has happened to you at level 48, we know what you need to do to jump to the 49th. 

There are five major requirements that you must fulfill if you want to enter the 49th level in Pokemon Go. Here is a list of each of them. 

1. You need to earn 25 Million XP in level 48, which means a total of 146 million XP all throughout the game till now. 

2. You have to trade at least 10 such pokemon that you have caught from 300 km apart from your location. 

3. Next, you have to obtain a minimum of 50 lucky Pokemon through trading. 

4. You must also have sent about 500 gifts to your in-game friends of Pokemon Go. 

5. Finally, you also need to earn at least 35 Platinum medals to be eligible for the next level.

If you accomplish all the tasks that have been mentioned above, there is nothing left that can stop you from leveling up to level 49 in Pokemon Go. 

Once you do this, you reach level 49, and along with that you will also receive some exciting rewards, here is a list of them all. 

1. 1 x level 49 Boots – (this is a style reward)

2. 1 x rare candy XL

3. 1 x Premium Battle Pass

4. 1 x Incubator

5. 25 x Gold Pinap Berry

6. 20 x Max Revive

7. 25 x Max Potion

8. 30 x Ultra Ball

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Level 50 Requirements Pokemon Go

If you have reached the 49th level, we think it would be great for you to also have an idea of what you need to do in order to reach level 50 as well, so here are the requirements you need to fulfill for that:

1. You have to reach 10th rank in the Go Battle League

2. You have to defeat any of the Team Go Rocket Leaders at least 3 times, and for this, you must use a Pokemon with not more than 2500 CP. 

3. You have to make at least 999 excellent throws during the encounters. 

4. You need to earn 30 million XP, which makes it a total of 176 million XP in all. 

5. You must catch at least one legendary Pokemon from within the upcoming 5 such encounters. 

Wrap Up

We hope that this was all you were looking for about leveling up in Pokemon Go to the 49th level. Now that you know the requirements, you should start working on each of them so that you can soon reach the level you are aiming at. If there is any other level in the game you are stuck at, you can share it with us in the comments so that we can assist you through the same.

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