Lisa Baur Early Life and Education

Lisa Baur is a native of Atlantic, Iowa, in the United States. Although her birthday remains a secret, her educational path started at school in the Atlantic and went to Colorado State University Fort Collins. Lisa also gained more knowledge at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College while broadening her experience in various fields and education.

Lisa Baur Brief Acting Career

Lisa started her career in acting by playing a minor role on the TV show “Charlie’s Angels.” However, she broke through with the 1978 box-office hit National Lampoon’s Animal House but did not want to become an actress fully.

Lisa Baur Life Beyond Acting

Lisa started “Living Light Candles” in Hollywood as a businesswoman in 1995. Without formal training, Lisa leveraged her passion for candle-making and tirelessly created a thriving business. Although she left the acting stage, people still admire candles made with dedication and passion.

The Journey of Lisa’s Candle-Making and Marriage in New Zealand

Lisa’s love for making candles impacted her wedding to Heinz. The couple opted to live in The Golden Bay Property New Zealand, where they love themselves together and continue making candles, which is their passion.

Lisa Baur’s Net Worth

Financial Success: Lisa’s Appraised Value: $1.6 million

Industry: Candle Business

Lisa Baur Interesting Facts

Lisa has always loved crafts since she was born.

Although her real name was Cynthia, she changed it to Lisa when she started acting.

The art of crafting candles was self-taught by Lisa.


Lisa Baur’s path from Hollywood to candle-making demonstrates strength, creativity, and the achievement of adaptation. A change from cinema to entrepreneurship, especially in candle making, symbolizes deep pleasure and success; in another sphere, Lisa shows that another half of one’s life can be as rich as the first, exposing its beauty in gratifying new endeavors.


What is the date when Lisa Baur opened her candle-making business?

In 1995, Lisa Baur established a candle-making business.

What motivated Lisa Baur to move from acting to entrepreneurship?

Her passion for candles motivated Lisa Baur to change her career from acting to entrepreneurship.

How did Lisa Baur come to be formerly known as Cynthia?

Lisa Baur has been her stage name since quitting the acting world and leaving off Cynthia.

What city does Lisa Baur reside in today?

Lisa Baur lives in New Zealand right now.

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