MapleStory Afterlands Guide – Quest Walkthrough For All Keys

We all know that something will always feel missing while playing MapleStory unless we complete the Afterlands quest in it. That’s why we have come up with the MapleStory Afterlands Guide for you that will let you complete this interesting quest without a lot of obstacles in the way. 

As per our MapleStory Afterlands Guide after lots of research, you will first have to unlock the Afterlands quest which will happen only after you have reached level 75 in the game. Then, you can access the quest through the lightbulb icon that will first lead you to the opening quest namely “A Call For Help”. A lot more is there to know all of which will be covered right here. 

MapleStory is an online roleplaying video game set up in 2D. The game can be played in multiplayer mode and the best part is that it is for free! It is the Maple World whose citizens you become in the game and have to work on your character’s skills as you advance in the game. There are several quests you get to take part in, one of them being the Afterlands Quest which is quite significant. 

If you really want to get done with the MapleStory Afterlands quest as soon as possible, then we are going to do our best to help you through. 

MapleStory Afterlands Guide – How To Unlock Afterlands? 

Before you get into the Afterlands quest in MapleStory, you first need to unlock this quest. The only way by which you can unlock it is by reaching the Level 75 of the game. 

You do not have to complete this level specifically, you just have to reach there and then you will be allowed to take part in the Afterlands Quest in the game. 

Now that you have got it unlocked, to access it, you first have to click on the lightbulb icon present on the left side of your screen. 

This will display the “A Call For Help” opening quest first. As soon as you accept it by clicking on the Move button, you will immediately be transported to the Afterlands starting quest area where you can begin with the quest. 

Remember that do not accept it right away. First, you need to make sure that you have the requisites for completing the quest. You will need enough amount of potions, inventory space, as well as equipment. Also, make sure that you do not have any other pending tasks in the game. 

Most importantly, you will need to collect 13 keys and several other items to complete the quest, for which you need sufficient space in the ETC inventory space, a minimum of which should be 16 free slots.  

Once you have met all the requirements, you can jump into the quest and start working on it. Although you can always move in and out of the quest, if you do not want to encounter many bugs during the game, it is preferable that you finish the quest in a single go.  With this, our MapleStory afterlands Guide comes to an end.

MapleStory Afterlands Guide – Quest Walkthrough For All Keys

Before everything, as per our MapleStory Afterlands Guide there are certain key points that you need to keep in mind as you jump into the Afterlands quest in MapleStory. 

The first thing, you will need your basic attack many times throughout the quest, so make sure that you have assigned it to a key. 

If you want to increase the dialogue progress, you will have to hold down your NPC chat key. 

Now, once that you have entered the Afterlands quest, you will be teleported to several locations from where you have to save the Old Man. You will also meet a guide named Ashkaya who will help you make your way through. 

To reveal the 12 locks, you will have to basic attack in front of the large door and then the game will transport you to the Land of Warriors. 

Let us see where you will get each of the keys in the Afterlands quest from. 

First, you have to get a key by killing Balrog. Then you will receive another quest from Vulucanelli. 

Teleport yourself to the Land of Riches. There, do all the quests assigned by Joel and you will receive 6 gold pieces.

After this, head to the Land of Contemplation where Adler will get you the first key. Then, for the second key, you will have to talk to the bench. You can make the bench quest available for you by giving your colors away to the kids twice. 

Then you have to move to the Land of Innocent. Here, you will get the third key after you complete all the Quests of Tina. The key will be found in the first room’s tree trunk. 

Then head back to the Land of Warriors and use three of your six gold pieces to receive the fifth key from Vulcanelli. 

Then again go to the Land of riches. At the top right of the castle will be a bag of gold, you have to talk to it. After that, you also have to speak with Louie and Horemheb. Then you will get the moneybag, before which there will be several other quests you will have to complete. 

Now go to the Land of Contemplation and accept the Oblivious Soul’s quest where you have to kill the raven present in the 3rd room, which will get you the sixth key of the Afterlands. 

Now, teleport to the Land of Innocent. There will be a silent kid and you will have to keep talking to him unless you make him speak. As he speaks, you will receive the seventh key. Then get an eyepatch by talking to Lonnie from any room and get the quest which will give you the eighth key. You will have to bring the rain by eating the cookies. 

Then head to the land of Warriors to talk to the Statue and then Edgar and then back to talk to the statue. 

After this, go to the Land of Riches again. Here complete the quest assigned by Louie, and you will get the ninth key. Then also accomplish the quest assigned by Ben. 

Then enter the left most portal which will take you to the tombstone room where you will have to talk to the old man. Then attack the room’s right most rock to get the item required for the quest. 

Then, after ten minutes, accept another quest. While you go for the quest, go for the bronze tombstone where you will receive the tenth key

As you leave the room and return again, you will again have to talk to the old man and again return to the room from the previous time, this will get you the eleventh key. Well, you are close enough to complete the Afterlands quest. 

Now, for the twelfth and the last key, you have to go and talk to Mansa, and then also talk to the pile of gold that belongs to Mansa and you will receive the key. 

In case Mansa didn’t shrink and you do not find the pile of gold, you will have to leave and enter again the Land of Riches. 

Once you have got all the keys, first get Mansa out and complete a land rotation so that Mansa shrinks. After this, you can go back to the land of Beginning to use all the keys and open the door. 

Wrap Up

This is how you will be able to get all the keys and complete the Afterlands quest in MapleStory. We hope that our MapleStory Afterlands Guide was helpful to you. Share this with your friends who were also troubled getting through this interesting quest in the game.

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