McDonald’s 2 For $6 Deal End Date

Whenever it comes to eating out and you feel like eating a burger! The first thing we always remember is our Happy Meal.

You guessed it right, here we are talking about McDonald’s, your favorite burger brand. Like other brands, McDonald’s keeps rolling out Happy Meal deals to keep its customers happy. 

Some time ago, one such Happy Meal was launched by McDonald’s, whose name was McDonald’s 2 for $6. But how long will this meal deal last? 

In today’s article, we are going to discuss McDonald’s 2 for $6 deal end date and will also talk about its year-ending December deals. So, without any further delay let’s get started!

What Do We Get In McDonald’s 2 For $6 Deal?

Who remembers the Happy Meal advertisements of our childhood, through which we used to force our parents to buy our Happy Meals?

But budget-friendly is also something, which we came to know when we started meeting our expenses. 

There is no comparison to the quality of McDonald’s and when we like to eat its food items together, sometimes the bill becomes heavy in our pockets. 

To lighten that heaviness, McDonald’s had introduced this $6 deal offer. In this offer you will have:

  1. A Big Mac
  2. A Quater Pounder with Cheese
  3. 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets
  4. Filet-OFish

What Is the McDonald’s 2 For Deal End Date?

Unfortunately, this offer is no longer valid now. As we said before, to make their customers happy McDonald’s, keeps introducing new deals. 

So if you want, you can take any other active offer from McDonald’s and enjoy it with your friends. 


So we have covered McDonald’s 2 for $6 deal end date and we have to know that this offer is no longer in use. If you wish to have a good deal with McDonald’s then you should check the official webpage or the application of the McD, to enjoy other deals with your friends. 

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