10 Mistakes People Make When Renting a Storage Unit

Organizing household items and personal belongings can be difficult, and keeping them safe for a long time is also challenging nowadays. That’s why technology has introduced storage units that can reduce the stress of managing storage items. 

People are finding this strategy very helpful. If you are planning to move out or shift to your new house, you don’t need to worry about carrying your items. So, we can assume that lots of tasks can be completed with storage units.

If you are looking for a storage unit, you can get them from storage facilities at an affordable price range. Instead of buying, you can also rent a storage unit to fulfil the need.

But many people make mistakes while renting that should be avoided at all costs. Today, in this article, we will discuss some of the mistakes people make when renting a storage unit.

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10 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Renting a Storage Unit

1. Not Planning Properly

Everything in our life needs a plan without any confusion. So, if you are thinking about renting a storage unit, you need to have a good plan. You must think about things like the size of boxes, fitting of the items, how many items are there and many more. It will help you to make the process smooth and clear. 

2. Mixing Up the Boxes

There are already many tensions going around while moving out. So, you cannot risk mixing up the boxes while renting a storage unit. 

Most people make this mistake, and it consumes more time and creates confusion. To avoid this mistake, you should label your boxes as per their content. So, after reaching your destination, you can easily find your item.

3. Including Wet Items

Wet items are worst if you are using a storage unit. Many storage facilities claim that they can protect your belongings. But, before their claim, you should make sure that your items are in good condition.

Don’t mix the wet items with dry ones because they can ruin other things. For example, you cannot store appliances that are wet or have moisture. Take a dry cloth and wipe your items very well to avoid dampness.

4. Avoiding the Bubble Wrap for Packing

When you order something online, you must have noticed its packaging. If any item is fragile like beauty products or any showpiece, they always send it in bubble wrap. So, how can you ignore this essential safety tool while renting a storage unit?

You can find many self-storage units in Atlanta with a bubble wrap facility. But, if there is not any service, then it’s your responsibility to bubble wrap your items before putting them in a box. Avoid newspapers at all costs because it is not going to save your belongings.

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5. Not Keeping a Record of Your Belongings

You cannot remember everything when you are moving out because of the stress. That’s why many people forget to keep a record of their items while renting a storage unit.

 This thing is not permissible at all in this situation. You can check all the things before moving and note them down on your smartphone or a notebook for making a record. After reaching the destination, you can cross-check with your list.

6. Picking Up the Wrong Unit Size

Sizes vary for every unit and also the price. So, most of the time, people go for bigger sizes without checking the number of their belongings. c So, it is mandatory to find the right self-storage unit size to avoid the bad consequences.

7. Packing the Senseless Material

Why do people need storage units? What is the use of self-storage units? These questions have only one answer. If someone is looking to invest in a storage unit the only motive is to store the valuable goods and keep them safe for a long time. But, if you are using it for senseless items, then there is no need to do it. If you are renting a self-storage unit, make sure that you are carrying only essential and valuable goods.

8. Not Taking a Protection Plan

Many storage units come with a protection plan. If you go for the self-storage unit in Atlanta, they will also provide insurance. But, some units don’t come with any of these plans, and people easily ignore them. You shouldn’t avoid it if your storage unit doesn’t have insurance or a protection plan. It is very much essential in case of theft or fire.

9. Avoiding the Safety Measures

It is mandatory to check for all safety measures when renting a self-storage unit. However, storage unit ensures the safety of your belongings. But, for your safety, you also need to do some research. Always give the priority to safety measures and avoid any bad consequences.

10. Storing Food Inside Storage Unit

Food in a storage unit is not allowed at all. The reason is straightforward it can attract insects, rats, many bacterias, and molds. So, if you think you can store food in your storage unit, you are wrong.

If you are planning to rent a storage unit or already have one, it’s time to avoid the mistakes. Taking care of belongings needs a proper plan, a keen eye, and many safety measures. It’s your responsibility to complete all these tasks. 

For finding the best storage unit, you can also take help from online websites. For the tip, we will suggest you go for the authorized management services to renting a storage unit. Because it will help you to keep your things safe and secure.

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