Mount And Blade Bannerlord How To Get Companions?

Bannerlord is an action role-playing game that allows the player to form their own soldier group and complete various combat missions besides their troops. Companions are the various NPCs in the game who can join your clan and you can assign them the role you desire in your army.

The companions can be Family companions or Wanderers. Wanderers are recruited through money and the Family companions are free and can be obtained through weddings, kids, or other relations. Getting companions is rather simple once you are aware of the methods.

Go and travel around a large town> Talk to the NPCs there> Know about their background and ask them to join you> Help them with money and now you filled a slot in your troop.

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Mount And Blade Bannerlord How To Get Companions?

Companions are a great help to carry forward the gameplay in Mount and Blade Bannerlord. There are various quests and missions in the game and the companions provide great help to complete them. Companions are also important because they have the ability to resolve several missions and quests on their own, govern various settlements, and a lot more.

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Companions are widely scattered around the game world and before hiring them, you must be aware of the benefits they will provide to you and your clan.

> The player must go to a large settlement or town to look for companions.

> To open up the Encyclopedia Tab, press the N key. You can know about the companions there.

> Click on the Heroes Tab and then scroll till you find the Wanderer option.

> The Wanderers who can be your companions will appear before you and Clicking on them will provide you with the exact locations. You can also learn about their skills and other characteristics.

> You can also find out where your possible wanderer companion was Last Seen so, track and go to that location.

> Check out the City’s various taverns as you will surely find some Wanderer NPCs who can become your companions there.

> Talk to them to know more. You will need to settle the debts of those NPCs by paying them gold and once you are done, they will be recruited as your companions.

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Mount And Blade Bannerlord How To Get Companions?- FAQs

Who is the best Companion in Bannerlord?

The Golden is believed to be the best Companion in Mount and Blade Bannerlord. They are ideal to lead their own army and start with about 100 points in Tactics. They are also very well trained in the required skills during battles.

How many companions can you have in Mount and Blade Bannerlord?

The number of Wanderer Companions you can have depends on your Clan Tier. The upper limit of the companions varies with the increasing Tiers. The First Clan has a limit of four companions, however, upgrading your Clan Tiers can also increase these numbers.

The Family Companions can be as many as you desire.

How do you find lost companions in Bannerlord?

After you kick out your companions from your clan and felt a need to get them back then don’t worry, they are not lost forever. You can find them again in the Taverns and around. Follow the same procedure again and if you ask them, they will rejoin you.

Who can you marry in Mount and Blade Bannerlord?

The players can marry Companions, Faction leaders, or minor Faction Leaders in Mount and Blade Bannerlord and they can even join your clan after marriage.

Wrap Up

Mount and Blade Bannerlord is like creating your own little kingdom by using companions as a part of your clan, marrying Faction Leaders or Companions, having kids, and ruling settlements. We have provided you with information regarding Companions in Bannerlord and the ways to get them. Built your clan by finding the best companions to fill the slots of your troops.

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