20 Blockchain Games of 2022 That Are in Trend

While NFT, metaverse, blockchain games are in trend, there are plenty of new meta games launching every month. But how do you identify the best among all of them? It’s simple. Just read this blog. We have made a large list of Blockchain games. 

Some of the most exciting crypto games are still in their early stages. Many projects are still pre-alpha and early beta. Blockchain developer webinar are best to gain knowledge about the latest blockchain trends.

Apart from it, we are adding new crypto gaming projects to the metaverse games list all the time, so make sure you check this page often!

Sprinterlands, Sandbox 3D, Age of Rust, Skyweaver, are some of the top and most awaited upcoming NFT Games. Many of these NFT games are free and available to play online.

20 Best Blockchain Games of 2022


If you enjoy Gathering-type games, Sprinterlands is for you. You can play games quickly, and you have the option to challenge your friends to battle with the mobile version. It is a collectible blockchain trading card game.

This means that any cards you own are assets that are verifiably yours. It uses HIVE, formerly Steem, which is unique among other Ethereum games. Splinterlands has the most exciting game right now, offering frequent airdrops, potion upgrades, and many amazing card packs.

We also interviewed the game developers to confirm its legitimacy and ongoing validity.

Dark Country

Dark Country is a new digital CCG (collectible game card) that features gothic horror settings. Now, a public beta is available.

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Ethermon, also known as Etheremon, uses blockchain technology to enable true ownership of in-game objects. It’s sort of like an Ethereum Pokemon. But you can also sell your “mons” after they have been transformed or powered up.

The Sandbox Game

Sandbox 3D is a voxel platform similar to Roblox or Minecraft but with blockchain-backed assets and currency. It is currently under development. Players can develop gaming experiences on their land while also testing them out.

This game is currently the leader in metaverse-related crypto games. It allows you to create your own experience alongside brands like Atari and Snoop Dogg.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the strongest early Pokemon games created on Ethereum. This game is strong and will continue to grow with regular updates and an expanding player base. 

Axie lands are attracting large investments, and mystics-axies are going for thousands of dollars. Ronin is their scaling solution. This facilitates transactions with zero fees.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained will be a favorite of Hearthstone players. Gods Unchained can be described as the blockchain version of Hearthstone for gameplay. The cards can be verified as Ethereum-owned by all players. Some cards are extremely rare and have attracted a lot of USD at auction.

Gods Unchained has a brand new marketplace that allows you to trade your cards in various ways.

Gods Unchained runs on Immutable X. They will charge gas-less transaction fees on their card markets.

Brave Frontier Heroes

Brave Frontier Heroes is an idle, play-to-earn RPG that was created by the same people who made My Crypto Heroes and Brave Frontier. It was released on January 30, 2020. Brave Frontier Heroes received over 700 transactions and $280,000 within 48 hours.

Lost Relics

If you’re looking to buy real estate and digital land, this is the best game. This dungeon-crawler is one of the most popular blockchain games. It uses Enjin Wallet to verify a player’s inventory. 

You can also equip several blockchain items within the game. You will love this game if you enjoy Diablo on PC. Lost Relics has led the charge in supporting the use of items from other games. It is our top pick for the blockchain game award. This game is one to keep an eye on in 2021.

The Six Dragons

The Six Dragons fantasy adventure game is similar to Skyrim. It makes use of the Enjin platform for creating ERC-1155 assets that players can then collect and own. The MFT (Multiverse Founder’s Token), which can provide continued benefits, could also be available.

Age of Rust

Age of Rust will be a puzzle-based game and first-person shooter. It will also feature the Enjin gaming environment. Recent trailers suggest this game is very enjoyable. 

Age of Rust also offers a collectible MFT, which might bring you rewards shortly. Recently announced, a massive treasure hunt with Bitcoin and Enjin coins will launch in March 2021.


SkyWeaver is an online CCG by Horizon Games. It is currently in closed beta. It runs on Ethereum Rinkeby Test Network. We received an invitation for the SkyWeaver beta.

9 Lives Arena

Touchhour, Inc. has developed 9 Lives Arena, a 1vs.1 role-playing game. 9 Lives Arena, according to the developer, will offer unique features such as account progression, permanent death, crafting assistants, and control via mobile device. It will also include in-game equipment that is made using “blueprints.”


Decentraland is a virtual world that you might have heard about if you keep up with the latest developments in cryptocurrency or virtual reality.

Decentraland describes Decentraland as a decentralized virtual universe. However, this description might not explain what a decentralized online world is or worth participating in. Decentraland has become a very popular “game” idea. This article will discuss it. Another great place to buy virtual real property is the “metaverse.”

Neon District

Summer 2021 should see the release of this dystopian Final Fantasy title. The playable version was made available in January 2021, but it has faced ongoing delays.

Neon District is one of the most anticipated Ethereum games to launch later this year. OpenSea, a trading platform that allows you to collect gear, is currently available.

War Riders

War Riders is a postapocalyptic vehicle battle game that is currently in development. It is similar in concept to Targem Games Crossout, except that it has vehicles, currency, and weapons recorded on Ethereum and owned by the player.

War Riders remain in beta. However, some details have been released about the game’s operation. BZN tokens can be used to purchase vehicles and engage in battle.

Battle Racers

Battle Racers is unique as it can only be played in Decentraland. Many collectible cars were distributed, and there are still ongoing events in Decentraland.


Dissolution is a first-person sci-fi/horror shooter that includes RPG elements. Recently, Dissolution released a beautiful trailer. It will include the Enjin ecosystem making it one of the most anticipated releases of this year.

Somnium Space

Somnium Space, Lmt is the creator of a blockchain-backed virtual world called Somnium Space. Each piece of real estate in this VR universe is tokenized and kept on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties, a monster breeding game, is similar to Etheremon and AxieInfinity. Blockchain Cuties lets players collect, breed, then send into battle collectible monsters named “Cuties.”

Crypto Space Commander

Crypto Space Commander is a space MMO that will be released in 2019. Lucid Sight, a blockchain game developer who has produced two other titles, is producing it. CSC uses Ethereum to be its primary in-game currency. ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens make up the majority of items in Crypto Space Commander’s economic system.


These are the top NFT games to make money. Players can use their items to gain provable scarcity. This allows for creating a multiverse in which certain items can be used across different games. 

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