NFL: What football fans can expect in 2023


As the festivities begin to die down and life returns to what was once classed as normal, football fans start to gaze into the future. The National Football League season is now into week 18, and some mouth-watering games are on the horizon. The regular season will finish this weekend before the best-performing sides progress to the playoffs, beginning on Saturday, 14th of January. Which team carries your support in the weeks ahead?

Last year set things up nicely, and the regular season was packed with thrills and spills. It was as exciting as everyone had hoped following a difficult few years for professional sports in the United States, but we’ve seen nothing. The fireworks from the 2023 welcome party have lit the NFL fuse, and we’re heading towards an explosion of excitement, drama, and passion. We can’t wait to get started. But which side will make history and win the 103rd NFL championship? Does one side top your Vegas Super Bowl bets?

Which team will win the title? Perhaps you already have your winner, noticing the strongest and most ambitious teams during the regular season. You may prefer to enter playoff football with a clean slate, appreciating we are entering knockout football where league form doesn’t count for much once the whistle goes and the play begins.

Predicting the champion of February’s Super Bowl in Arizona will be no mean feat, but a few snippets of information can help. Follow the information included in this article to stay ahead of the game.

Stars of the show

There are a few contenders for the best of the regular season, but we’ve yet to see anything concrete that will lead us to the champion. There are some capable teams who are beginning to show their potential, but there’s still a long way to go and plenty of football to be played. Consistency, focus, and experience will make the difference as we advance as the best begin to break away from the chasing pack.

There has been a lot to like about the Philadelphia Eagles this season. They weren’t one of the favorites back in the off-season and didn’t set the heather alight in the campaign’s early days. But they are still involved and look like they will take some stopping. The Eagles enter the final week of play with their stats for the campaign showing 13 wins against three defeats, with 455 points scored and 328 conceded. 

The Kansas City Chiefs are another side worth keeping an eye on as the games progress. Kansas will need more than their fair share of good fortune to come through the campaign as champions. But they are headed in the right direction and will be well supported on a journey fans hope will end with them in Arizona next month.

Dark horses

We have looked at the most impressive sides from the NFL regular season. Let’s now size up the best of the contenders. The dark horses with the speed and ability to emerge from the pack and lay down a challenge. Interestingly, more than one team fits the bill, giving lovers of an underdog plenty to sink their teeth into ahead of the playoffs.

The San Francisco 49ers are just one potential champion that has been attracting attention. They can be found sitting on top of the NFC West heading into the final round of matches from the regular season. The 49ers have won a dozen games and lost just four. They have scored 412 points already this season and conceded 264.

Results show we shouldn’t be quick to overlook the Cincinnati Bengals, either. They have dominated the AFC North and enter the week with their season stats showing 11 wins against four defeats, with 391 scored and 306 conceded.

Traders’ pick

Now that we know which form sides to watch, let’s approach the NFL season from another angle. Back in September, the leading online sportsbooks predicted the teams to beat. But how have those teams been performing?

According to bookies, the most likely winner of this year’s Super Bowl is the Buffalo Bills, who have dominated the list before game one. Their season stats show 12 wins and three defeats, with 420 points scored and 263 conceded.

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