PlayStation VR2 South African prices and launch date announced

PlayStation retailer Gamefinity confirms Gamefinity has confirmed South African recommended retail pricing and release dates for Sony’s PSVR2 headset, accessories and headset.

The company informed MyBroadband they will offer PSVR2 will be available for purchase in the PSVR2 separate bundle — that comes with headphones, the headset VR Sense controllers, and stereo headphones will retail at R13,499.

A second bundle also includes the new virtual real-world game Horizon Call of the Mountain at R14,499.

The PSVR2 Sensor Controller Charge Station will be available for R1,099.

However, this is unnecessary since the controllers are also charged by plugging a cable to the console.

This table compares suggested retail prices of PlayStation VR 2 and accessories within South Africa and other regions with the confirmed prices from Sony.

South African pre-orders for the PSVR2 start on the 15th of November, Tuesday, 2022, the same day they do in other countries.

It will also be released on South Africa on the same day as its worldwide releaseon February 22nd, 2023.

Gamefinity will offer its PSVR2 via its store online website

Sony claims that the PSVR2 has many enhancements over its predecessors to offer an immersive VR gaming experience.

The game features headset feedback Eye tracking, headset feedback 3D audio, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback on the controllers, similar to the Xbox 5’s DualSense remotes.

The headset has the resolution of 2,040×2,040 pixels per eye, compared to 960×1,080 solution on the original-generation PSVR.

This also removes the requirement to purchase an extra camera to monitor players’ movements. It has built-in cameras with in-within tracking features.

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