Pokemon Go How To Increase Buddy Level In 6 Ways?

Your Buddy Pokemon are going to be quite useful to you at higher friendship levels, that is why it is important to understand all the possible ways by which the players can increase Buddy Level in Pokemon Go. Have you also made some buddies there? Then this is something you should definitely read.

To increase buddy level in Pokemon Go, you can perform several tasks like feeding your buddy, walking with your buddy, playing with your buddy, involving your buddy in battles, taking a snapshot of your buddy, or visiting any new place with it. You should continue reading to understand all these aspects better and find out which task will be more beneficial to increase your buddy level in lesser time. 

Obtaining a certain Pokemon is just the first stage to accomplish in Pokemon Go. Once that is done, it is necessary to evolve and power up those Pokemon so that you can advance in the game, and to do this, it is important to make them your Buddy and then increase their level. Many people know how to make a Pokemon their buddy but are not yet sure of how to increase the buddy level. 

If you want to get acknowledged with this, then don’t worry, today, you will find out all the ways to increase your buddy level in Pokemon Go. 

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In Pokemon Go How To Increase Buddy Level?

While you make a Pokemon your buddy, there are several levels to which you can increase your friendship with it, for which there are several tasks that you can perform along with that buddy. The levels begin with a Good Buddy and end at being Best Buddy. 

So, in total, there are four buddy levels in Pokemon Go all of which are mentioned below:

1. Good Buddy

2. Great Buddy

3. Ultra Buddy

4. Best Buddy

Let us now check how you can possibly increase the Buddy Level of your Pokemon in the game. 

The main thing that needs to be received for increasing the buddy level in Pokemon Go is the “Affection Hearts”, the more affection hearts you get, the better your relationship with that buddy for which you need to regularly interact as well as play with your buddy. 

To reach the level of a Good Buddy, you need to acquire 1 Affection heart.

To reach the level of a Great Buddy, you need to acquire 70 Affection hearts.

To reach the level of an Ultra Buddy, you need to acquire 150 Affection hearts.

To reach the level of the Best Buddy, you need to acquire 300 Affection hearts. 

On a particular day, the max number of hearts that you can earn is 10. However, if you make your buddy’s mood “Excited” then you are allowed to receive up to 20 Affection Hearts which will increase the speed of leveling up.  

Here are some things that you can do to win more and more Affection Hearts with your Buddy as a result of which your Pokemon’s buddy level will increase. 

1. By Walking Together With Your Buddy You get one Affection Heart for walking every 2 Km or distance. 

2. Playing With Your Buddy – If you play with your buddy in AR mode by rubbing your finger on your screen, you can receive two Affection Hearts within a few seconds. 

3. Giving Treat To Your Buddy – if you treat your buddy with three berries, you will receive one heart, this way, you can earn up to four hearts with this method by feeding 12 berries to your buddy. 

4. By Taking A Snapshot – You can also take a snapshot of your buddy in the Go Snapshot mode to earn two Affection Hearts. 

5. Battle Together With Your Buddy – when you use your buddy in the battles in gyms, raids, battles with other trainers, or against the Team Go Rocket, you can receive up to 2 Affection hearts from this. 

6. Visit A New Place With Your Buddy – finally, you can also visit a place like a Gym or a PokeStop that you are going to for the first time, this will also get you 2 Affection hearts. 

If you dedicatedly perform all these tasks on a regular basis, it won’t take you more than 30 days to reach the Best Buddy level which is the ultimate one in the game. It all depends on your consistency and determination. 

Wrap Up

We hope that now you will not find any difficulty in increasing your buddy level in Pokemon Go because that is not much of a difficult task as is battling in the game to capture a Pokemon, so go ahead and become Best Buddies with your favorite Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

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