Pokemon Go How To Invite Friends To Raid?

In the Raid Battle in Pokemon Go, players who used to play alone earlier have now come with the option to play with friends. So, do you also want to know in how to invite friends to raid? Regardless of where your friends are located in the world, they can now be invited into the game to participate in raid battles with you.

You have two options for participating in a raid battle: go it alone or invite your friends. You can quickly make up your own teams by Raid Battles. 

This article will demonstrate how to invite friends to join you in raid battles in pokemon go with some other additional information to help you with this game. 

What Is A Raid Battle In Pokemon Go?

Raid Battle is an in-game event in which players can alone or by inviting their friends to team up together in order to defeat strong pokemon in pokemon go. The Raid Battle takes place at the gym.

In Pokemon Go How To Invite Friends To Raid?

If you want to invite your friends to the raid battle, then pay attention to these steps:

  • You need to join a raid lobby first, either public or private
  • Select the “invite friends” button
  • Click “invite friends” after selecting up to five friends
  • After that, your work is done. Now you have to wait for your friends to accept your invitation
  • Whenever they agree to your invitation, they can join the raid battle with you
  • As you wait for your friends, be sure not to leave the lobby until your friends join you. If you quit, the group would end because you were its initiator.

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Pokemon Go – How To Accept An Invitation For The Raid Battle?

  • If you are in the Pokemon Go app, you will get an in-game notification that you have been invited to a raid battle
  • If your app is closed, you will get information for an invitation by push notification
  • However, you won’t get push alerts unless the “Raid Invitations” options in your settings menu are turned on.
  • By tapping the in-game notification, you can immediately get access to the raid battle to which you have been invited.
  • By tapping the push notification, the active raid menu can be selected from the “Nearby” menu after opening the Pokemon Go app.

Pokemon Go – How To Join Raid Battle In Pokemon Go?

  • After accepting the invitation, select the “Battle” button 
  • The “Battle” button will allow you to enter the lobby
  • Just remember to jump into the game as soon as you can. Since you won’t be able to join once the entry is full.

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Follow these steps to invite your friends to the Raid Battle. You can currently invite a maximum of 10 friends into the raid battle, but originally it was 5. So, for now, we recommend you invite up to 5 friends. Despite this, Niantic has not specified when this will revert to its initial condition. Don’t worry we will update this page if and when changes are made.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many friends are allowed to invite to a raid battle?

Upo five friends are allowed to invite to a raid battle. But currently, Pokemon Go allows inviting a maximum of 10 people. It is not confirmed yet.

What is a raid group code in pokemon go?

Private Raid Groups, a new social feature for raid battles, are introduced now. Instead of utilizing an alphanumeric password, these are characterized as a “customizable code system” that let you ask friends to join a particular raid group.

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